Simon Says

03 January 2012

In the middle of the airport while Julia was throwing an especially enjoyable and vocal tantrum Simon calmly said, 
"I'm really not looking forward to the rest of her life."

While trying to pack alllllll of our clothes up to head back to Saint Louis from the burque Simon not so calmly said, 
"you packed enough sweaters to change into a new one every three hours for the entirety of the trip."
(also, agreed)

After I decided to retire from packing for the night and while Simon (merely) zipped up the last of the suitcases he said, 
"so you get to be finished while I sit here slaving?"
(no response)

After I suggested he join me in my ten day New Year's cleanse Simon said, 
"Why don't I just cut off my toe? Just as ludicrous, painful and ineffective."
(12 hours into the cleanse and I kind of agree)


  1. I snorted on the last one. He's pretty much a doctor now, right? Does that mean I can ignore the cleansing thing? Because I catch myself wanting to do one until I realize I have no self control. And if it's against dr's orders then I won't beat myself up about not getting on that bandwagon.

  2. haha, i love it!

    I'll join you in spirit with your cleanse...i'm doing 90 days of no wheat or dairy!

  3. Everything Simon says sounds like something Mike would say/has said. So hilarious.
    I hope your trip was great, I am missing blogging oh so much, loving all your recent posts!

  4. I love these!...LOL I wish I could remember all the random ridiculous things my husband catches me off guard with all the time... The first one made me laugh out loud... I think that about the twins sometimes...

  5. So funny! I need to remember some of the stuff my hubby says but usually it makes me mad and I miss the humor in it! Lol!

  6. HIGHlarious! Also trying to not be jealous of you and your visit to the Land of Enchantment (lame slogan). I grew up in the south in Silver City and I kinda miss it...

  7. Do you think doctoring makes them snarky, or do you think snarky people become doctors? Everything he said here could have come out of my husbands mouth! HA.

  8. julie, alicia and i are starting a cleanse on monday...14 days. ugh.

  9. There are no words... it is all too funny. And I think it always works out that I stop doing things before Phil (packing, dishes) and he ends up finishing them. But in my defense, I am usually the one the starts the task, so I think it is only right I get to stop first.

    And I feel your pain about the sweaters. A girls gotta have choices. And a mother has to have back-ups for various baby fluids (gross but true).

  10. oooh I love New Mexico...If could move there, and make a living there we would!
    My husband and your husband would get along great...Anytime we go anywhere he comments on my 'light' packing...We live in Utah though...the weather is so unpredictable sometimes! And you never know with little ones...
    Thanks for the laughs!



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