So, you're wearing three socks?

02 January 2012

The feeling you're experiencing right now is envy. Bun envy. Just joking. You're probably just wondering why I'm wearing my dress backwards (because a low cut back is less appealing than a low cut front to yank-happy toddler hands). Anyway, I won't pretend to assume that my fat hair donut is something you want to emulate but in case you do ... here is the tutorial. Fair warning: I tried the trend on top of my head and it looked que horriblay ... the cotton tail placement seemed less awf.

{To see a much prettier, fancier, and overall better bun click here.}

To see the rest of my outfit in full detailed glory click here
Thanks a trill to Camille for having me and my bunny tail over to play.

p.s. Yes, smartypants Simone. Three whole socks.


  1. well you are lying, the bun on top of your head did indeed look fabulous. I liked when simon said 'it's like a bun muppet!'

  2. I am actually having bun-envy. I either have weird hair or I just don't know how to do a simple bun. Or maybe both?

  3. So pretty!! Love the whole look and very cool being featured.

  4. It's so pretty. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I can only imagine the arm-workout I would get, attempting this coif. But the lack of necessary bobby pins might just make it do-able. :)

  5. Fab fab it. I can't believe I haven't thought of turning some of my dresses around. My dear son's deepest wish is to innocently expose me in front of the entire church, on sundays, so this could definitely, very cute..:)

  6. Oh yes, and I JUST saw one of those sock bun things in the drugstore. I may have to run back and get one. I , too, am a huge fan of one and only bun...

  7. this is great. THREE SOCKS?! wow. now, i got my hair cut nearly two inches (which was so difficult to let go of!) and i still have a pretty good bun. i tease it.

  8. yay! love how you linked it up.

    i was happy to feature you first. your use of things you have had for a while is perfection. it shows how stylin' you really are!


  9. Oh gosh! You look gorgeous Grace! And holy smokes, you have beautiful skin!



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