20 January 2012

Happy Feast Day!

To celebrate, Julia acknowledged your presence for the third time since your birth and attempted to shove a purple pacifier in your mouth. She missed ... all 76 times. 

We also styled the remaining bit of your hair. You loved it. 

A day to remember!


  1. Oh goodness... this made me laugh out loud! I love her little pony :)

  2. Your bathroom floor tile is killer.

  3. Tea with Mrs. Kee reccomended that I follow you! I was really excited when she told me that you were the wife of a doctor! My husband is in medical school, so I am really glad I found your blog so that I can read your stories! So happy to follow you! You have a beautiful family and I am already loving reading your posts !

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  4. Ha! I love the fact that you take photos in the bathroom.

  5. So, I read your posts when I'm nursing my baby girl in the wee hours of the morning. I kind of do a little happy dance when I see a new post of yours. You always make me laugh - SO HARD - even if I'm in a state of complete delirium. :) I love your sweet family and think you are so lovely. Thanks for the smiles!

  6. I love the "pony tail"...AND the new blog look!! :)

  7. He is working that ponytail! Washed-up rockers every where are SO jealous.



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