Simon Says

31 January 2012

 In an effort to halt Sebastian's frequent nightly wake ups Simon tried bribery and said, 
"Just as soon as you start sleeping through the night ... I'll love you even more than I do now."

 While we were checking out after (stupidly) purchasing potty training supplies the cashier handed us our receipt and coupons and Simon said, "Oh, look - we got a coupon for free wine and Xanax ... because we're batpoop* crazy."

On Julia's preference to slip a little tongue in when she kisses Sebastian, her dolls, and her parents, Simon said, "rated PG-13."

*family friendly blog censoring


  1. "Just as soon as you start sleeping through the night ... I'll love you even more than I do now."

    Steve and I used to love saying things like that to the girls when they were babies.

  2. YESSSS! Nothing cures the flu like a round of Simon Says.

    Well, maybe wine and Xanax, but I don't have any on hand.

  3. Simon's showin' some 'tude in that picture! I love that Simon Says has become a permanent fixture at the camp. I don't suppose you'll ever do any Bach reviews? ; )

  4. Okay, where are you getting these potty-training supplies and will I get these coupons if I order online? Hilarious.

  5. potty training... you overachiever you! i've got a 2 1/2 yo you can practice on... he's pretty easy going but well, i've already done 3 so i figure i'm good for the rest of, let's see, ETERNITY!!

  6. Do all little girls go through the French kiss everyone stage? My niece is doing that too!

  7. bach reviews! i second mary. have you seen this guys blog?

  8. Good luck with the potty training! I started both boys before 2 and they did it. You just have to persist with it even though it's s huge pain. This is going to sound crazy, but one of the best tips I used was not putting anything on their bottom (diaper/pull up). It sounds nuts, but they are too scared to go most of the time without it or if they do they are more aware.

  9. oh my God, I am so sorry that I get my daily chuckles at your expense. But you are so freaking hilarious!!!!!!



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