Samily: the wedding

02 March 2017

Welllll, they're married! And what would a sibling (or in-law) wedding be without a cellular phone photo recap from yours truly? Probably no different but why risk it?

The wedding and reception were beautiful and I set my expectation bar low (real low) with the kids which made for exceeded expectations and great times had by all.

You might recognize the top of Emily's wedding dress as the one I wore but she paired it with a different skirt (that I loved - and it had pockets!), nixed the sash, and tucked it in so I think it looked very different than when I wore it. There wasn't a moment that Sam wasn't beaming in Emily's direction the entire weekend - it was so sweet and endearing.

en route to go take photos on a mesa - as one does in New Mexico. A wedding party complete with friar does many a honk garner, surprisingly.

Bosco was the only one that I heard make a peep during the wedding Mass and while Simon said Phoebe sang the ABCs the entire time - I didn't hear her from a few pews up so I'm still going to give their behavior a solid A-. The last time Sebastian wore suspenders he got mad and said he looked like a farmer but didn't complain this time around so really - could I ask for more from them? No.

dutifully passing out candles after the wedding.

Bosco offering one to an invisible man.

Julia ran up to me after I walked into the reception with the Best Man (who was not Simon) and accusatorially asked me why I was walking with someone other than Dad?! And Theo led me into the neighboring restaurant next to the reception hall and asked that we get different food because he doesn't like salad (but finally settled on an appetizer of few pats of butter until his non-salad meal came). Poor Bosco had been cutting molars and not feeling well and his condition seemed to worsen on our second late night flight but as soon as he saw the dance floor and had two giant cookies in his paws - homeboy was the happiest I'd seen him all weekend.

Theo said my bouquet, "smells like poop" which coincidentally -- all the food he hates, "tastes like poop" and methinks a little lesson on polite descriptions might be in the works.

One of the reception highlights for me was seeing my mom and her friends pop up from their seats at the table as soon as a Pitbull song came on and proceed to start a Conga line on the dance floor. It was a very proud moment that I won't soon forget.

I was so bummed this was the only shot I got of Phoebe and Simon - who were dance floor machines.

My youngest sister Sarah at least snapped this while we were all getting ready ...

Thanks Sarah!

It wouldn't be a Patton post without reporting the few snags that were hurdled over the weekend. I thought I was all up on my toast game by jotting a few points down on my place card before I was handed the mic only to find that the Maid of Honor (I was the Matron) and Best Man had pageS of speeches prepared. Oops. Also, moments before we were all set to walk down the aisle I looked down to see that my maternity Spanx hose had a big fat run right down the front. Thanks for nothing, name brand. Luckily! I had had the foresight to grab some generics just in case that happened so I sprinted out to change and no one (except now all of you fine folks) knew any different.

I can't wait to see all of Becca's photos (I've seen a few previews and she's a wizardess!) and I'll be sure to share a few when I do. I can't help myself when it comes to loved one's big life events. I'm a sharebear at heart.

Anyway, a big fat and final congratulations to Emily + Sam!! My parents know how to throw a party to remember and we felt so lucky to be there!

¡Samily por vida!


  1. Its crazy how different your dresses looked, if you hadn't told us I wouldn't know you wore the same top. I love the pop of color in her shoes!

  2. Yay! I've been waiting for this! Emily and I caught up at a wedding in December and naturally talked all things wedding so I was excited to see how everything turned out.
    Also, maid/matron of honor toasts tend to turn into speeches that drag on (BORING) so I always think short + sweet is the way to go!
    Anyway, I'm glad it all turned out well for the happy couple and you guys, too–kids in a wedding party isn't easy! Especially when there's travel involved!

  3. Weird question, but WHERE do you get maternity panty hose?? I'm due at the end of May and desperately need some for my baby shower this weekend...and left it way too close to the last possible second.

  4. Grace, I am so sincere in asking this...I would love a post on how your parents raised the Godly family they did. Your post on Emily and Sam's engagement had me in tears. I know there isn't a 'formula' that is the answer for everyone, but even a list of a few foundational ways they instilled in and passed their faith onto their children would be so helpful for young moms!

    1. I second a mom of two little ones, that's a post I'd love to read!

    2. Me three!!!
      Loved their story!!!

    If I had known what possibilities 2017 had, ten years ago I would have been a different woman at my wedding.
    And I'm sure I would have stuffed all the snacks. All the time.

  6. Her wedding looked absolutely beautiful. Quick story, a coworker of mine (here in Massachusetts) came in to chat with me after our February break. I asked him how his break was and he told me hw had gone to New Mexico for a wedding. I was like "not Emily;s wedding??" and he goes, "Yeah Emily and Sam, do you know them? They're both my good friends!" And I turned bright red because I'm a creeper who really doesn't know them at all! But how weird is that? He did go to FUS also, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. It'a a small Franciscan world :)

  7. LOVELY! congrats to your sister.

    when i put adorable heart-patterned overalls on my daughter she fell on the ground screaming, "I LOOK LIKE A FARMER! WHO FEEDS ANIMALS!"

  8. Congrats to Sam and Emily!!!!!

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