09 March 2017

when you're at the, "wear and break my glasses - anything you want!!!" portion of the evening.

1. SO! Since we'll soon outgrow our beloved Odyssey and Simon's Volvo was requiring a jump to start almost every morning and evening -- we bought a (very old) Suburban to replace the van. I like it! But, I still love our van with the peeling hood and will drive it right up until we buckle that new baby into the Suburban. Sliding doors 4 life. Or at least for the next 3.5 months.

2. I don't really know how it happened but all of a sudden my IG feed is FILLED with Goldendoodles because apparently I've become an avid follower of Doodle accounts? I'm not saying it's a bad thing and I'm not saying Diego is going to get his own dedicated account but I just might need to check myself because I see a wreck coming just around the riverbend.

3. After the 91092381092381092338th night of building the perfect pillow fortress to procure a mediocre night of sleep - I polled my lovely blog Facebook page about pregnancy pillows and took the plunge with this one. I got it two days ago and of course it could be some wild and crazy coincidence but I've slept through the night (x2!!) and woke up ready to speed walk around the block as opposed to sleep for six more hours. Again, it could be a coincidence but I'm not complaining and I might be wondering why I didn't buy one six years ago.

4. I got my first gel manicure (a la nail salon) before my sister's wedding and while I do love it (although I noticed a few days later that the polish I picked had tiny flecks of glitter in it - cool) I still think the homemade version (base coat, polish, top coat) is a pretty darn good substitute. And quite a bit cheaper.

5. I'm almost scared to type this because I know that this brand is kind of the preferred creme de la creme of workout gear and leggings and so I tried a couple of different pairs and loved them initially but was sad to see how quickly they stretched out, lost their shape, and slid down (as in a couple of hours). I should've known not to stray from my tried and true very favorites. Never again!

6. It's Thursday and I still haven't finished Monday's marathon episode of the Bachelor. Even super duper fans have their drama limits.

7. The last thing I need is a peplum tank because of my current gestational state and I have one too many but I have to admit that my heart goes pitter patter when I see them on super sale with all sizes stocked (even talls! which I prefer). I'm resisting though - I promise. (I posted this over in the My Sale Rack group so I'm sorry if this is a repeat offender for you).

I said I'd be done cleaning the kitchen by 1:30 and it's 1:35 and so I'd better scoot before crazy Grace comes after lazy Grace.



  1. Girl, I miss our minivan's auto-sliding doors SO MUCH since we upgraded to a 12-passenger. Ugh. I learned to drive on a suburban - definitely makes everything else easy to park by comparison! We have friends who got an old one and added a bench seat in the back so they can fit more than 8 - I wish we had known that was an option! Might have chosen that over the awkwardly huge homeschool van...

  2. These last two weeks of the Bachelor have felt... empty and interminable. :/

  3. The snoogle is the best pillow ever! My husband hated that it takes up the bed but it's worth it!

  4. I have a goldendoodle and I also spend way too much time following other goldendoodles,the dogs from my dog's breeder even have their own hashtag. Also my goldendoodle may or may not have her own IG account ��. Anyway all this to say you are not alone in this crazy town haha

  5. agreed on gel. i bought all those that you suggested - base, topcoat and i can't believe i can go a week with it perfect!

  6. I cannot believe this is your 6th pregnancy and you've only now discovered the joys of the Snoogle!

  7. diy nails, non-lulu leggings, and a ruffle on all the shirt hems... you are speaking my language!! definitely need to check out that preg pillow before i have another! i am always glad you share these things!!

  8. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was also a mini-van to Suburban driver-mom. I was so reluctant to give up the can, but now, I LOOOOOOOOVE my Suburban. It is 13 years old with 272,000 miles on it. Still going strong. With my giant boys, it's been the best thing ever. Plus I'm so in love with the cargo space in the back. I would never go back to a van!

  9. Zella leggings at Nordstrom are WAY BETTER than lulu!!

    1. they are definitely softer! I feel like Fabletics are the most supportive/don't lose their shape which is important to me haha

  10. Even better than Zella?? I may have to try them after all. I'm pretty committed to Zella but I'm not going to turn down support :)

  11. Totally random but I am curious if you had to upgrade to a large van and if you like it? We have 6 and I'm struggling to make the leap...and hanging on to my sliding doors for dear life!



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