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13 March 2017

because as much as I know that you'd love for me dedicated an entire blog post to every single square -- I'll keep it brief-ish.

uno! I've yet to leave Ikea with kids in tow without thinking, "never ever again!" but I always always go back. This past time I went right as they were opening, put Phoebe and Theo in the kid area, sped through and grabbed what I needed with Bosco and was back home in time for lunch and naps ... success. For once.

dos! Diego got quite the haircut and when the kids saw him in a tie they very seriously asked if he was headed out to a wedding. Yes, in fact - he was.

tres! My Aunt Rebecca was in town for a few days and she is THE balloon animal wizard which made for a herd of very happy Patton kids.

quatro! Bosco demolished his first ice cream cone that Simon gave him a couple of weeks ago. He can also put a post-Mass donut away faster than alllll the rest of us can and has our weekly grocery bill giving him a petrified side eye.

cinco! I would say, "doesn't the backpack age him?!" but his backpack contains his diapers and wipes so, no.

six! speaking of Bosco and groceries - we enjoyed our first ER trip ever several weeks ago after Phoebe and Theo (accidentally! they're just used to wide Costco carts, I guess) pulled a shopping cart over with Bosco strapped in. Bosco was fine but slammed his head pretty hard on the cement floor and seemed to be drowsy (a sign of a brain bleed) afterward so in he went. After four hours of (no sleep, no food, no fun) observation he was released with a concussion and my gratitude that he was going to be fine. Costco forever from here on out.

seven! 26 weeks! I felt so terrible after we got back from our trip - breathing was painful, everything ached, and I could've sworn the baby gained 5 pounds overnight. I'm convinced that getting back to my geriatric walks has turned things around and I'm also convinced that the baby was all up in my ribcage but has seemed to settle into a more comfortable position - someway/ somehow. I'm also convinced that I'm a board certified MD. Anyway, I'm feeling a million times better and three more months of pregnancy feels a lot more doable than it did last week.

eight! I say a little prayer every night that the streets in our neighborhood are forever in need of repair because I think Bosco would go through a very serious and sad period of mourning if he didn't get a good dose of truck watching/obsessing on the daily.

nine! post-trip to the Children's museum. Simon only lost track of Bosco once and Phoebe only sprinted up the stairs and away from me twice, so all in all? A real good time.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, I love a good recap of sorts! Diego looks mighty cute, tie and all. And I am thinking I need to utilize the whole child drop off at Ikea situation. I have a long list of Ikea buys...which means I should also look into buying a truck. Ha!

  2. I'm 28 weeks pregnant, and the thought of 3 more months seems soooo unbearable. The breathing (or not)! The aches! The raging SPD! Buuuut I had my twins at 34 weeks and have no desire to hang out in the NICU again, so 3 more months it is. Seriously, though, the chasing after toddlers while getting kicked in the ribs is no joke.

  3. This is such a great idea for a recap. You are adorable at 26 weeks. I swear I read baby gained as baby girl at least 5 times. I was like wait. I didn't think she knew yet? haha

  4. What a cute baby bump! (And maternity shirt!)

  5. I also had a shopping cart-concussion incident. I don't remember it. Whether it was due to the concussion or my v. young age, I'll let you decide. (Hint: I was the same age as Bosco.)

  6. I'm so glad you posted you are 26 weeks... Someone asked me today and I honestly couldn't answer. I knew it was somewhere in the 25 ballpark... Perks of having the same due date as you!

  7. Glad Bosco is ok! I can't even count the number of ER visits I've made with my boys. At one point, I thought they should have issued me some sort of frequent flyer card or something.

  8. I love it! You give me confidence that having more than three kids is doable!

  9. That shopping cart thing happened to me at Raley's two years ago. I was 8 months pregnant and I barely caught the cart before my 1 1/2 year old's head hit the ground. Then I had to unstrap him from the cart while he, my 3 year and 4 year old were all crying. It was super traumatic and I stopped grocery shopping with kids for awhile after that. I did it at night or used eCart pick up (for $5 at the expensive store in town). I could almost deal with the embarrassing spills when they would drop a jar, or smoothie 😣 but not my baby almost slamming to the floor!

  10. Here are some great books for Bosco!....

  11. Cute photos! I have been looking for a round mirror like the one over your couch in the top right photo. Pray tell, where did you find it?



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