Friday Favorites

24 March 2017

1. Never say never because I never thought I'd be one to enjoy playing a game on my phone (Practical Patton reporting for duty) but Simon and I have gotten completely sucked into the new puzzle game: Best Fiends. It's simple (think puzzle adventure essentially matching same-colored characters to defeat the slugs - just TRUST ME) but addicting and FREE. I'm on level 21 so if you download and play - let me know if you beat me.

You can play Best Fiends without wi-fi so it's perfect for travel or the back half of our house where the wi-fi always has serious issues. I've been having to put my feet up as much as possible this pregnancy (doctor's orders) and it's been a fun way to pass the time and let my competitive flag fly freely. Best Fiends is sponsoring this post and giving the first 100 readers to download the game $4.99 in gold and diamonds for free once you reach level 10 which I'm not sure will help you catch me - but please feel free to try ;) There are tons of in-game events and challenges in the game too!

2. Please tell me at least one of you can relate to this article on rage cleaning? Or lie to make me feel better. The Jenga trash description spoke to a special place in my heart.

3. I know this is REALLY premature but I feel like I fail at Father's Day gifts every single year but these maps (I found every city we've lived in) framed and wrapped might be winners this year. I hope.

4. Simon packed a picnic and organized a family bike ride on a nearby trail the other night (thanks to a couple newly acquired bikes from the Lobodas!) and I'd be lying if I said I thought it was going to be anything but a disaster. I even caught Sebastian stuffing band-aids in his backpack as we walked out the door - which was actually very smart on his part. But! It was actually pretty fun. I rode with Phoebe in a seat on the back of my bike (after Bosco bit her in the trailer and Theo "got" to take her spot), the two big kids rode their own bikes, and Simon pulled Theo and Bosco in a trailer. We only saw one medium-sized snake, Bosco only cried about 14% of the time, and again - we only had one biting incident so - success all around.

5. If you need a good GOOD laugh - might I recommend the GIF responses to this tweet? I might.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


  1. Love that polka dot print!! Sorry, I know it has nothing to do with the rest of your post, but where is it from?

    1. don't be sorry haha - it's just some wrapping paper from Target that I framed :)

  2. Okay, I'm addicted to that game now. Downloaded after I saw you mention it and played through level 13 so far. Thanks!

  3. hahahaha, that rage-cleaning article was awesome. but so, not, errr, ummm, me at all.....

  4. Hey Grace, have you ever posted a favorite blogs post? I am always on the lookout for a good "Mom" blog and I have found Kate (Small Things) and Janssen (Everyday Reading) through you and am very appreciative for those. I recently also saw that Janssen's sister Merrick has a blog too which I really like, she has killer style. Anyway, any other good recommendations?? Thanks for allllways delivering a good laugh and great recommendations in general for us MOMS! I needed this maternity post- got bambino # tres cooking away! Peace xx

  5. Great - I'm addicted to that silly game now (Level 40 baby!) I am going to need a warning at the beginning of any future posts that include games to download and play so I can bypass it.

  6. I totally downloaded that game...and I'm hooked. And I'm on Level 68. Yikes.



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