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28 February 2017

don't believe me ... just watch.

1. I wrote these last week thinking I'd be able to tweak and publish them real sly like on Friday while we were out of town but I never cracked my laptop open so here we are. Please accept my apologies and we'll all pretend like you noticed my absence and that I'll be on top of my post scheduling game one of these days.

2. Biggest news first!! My little brother Paul proposed to his lady, Annie. Yay!! We're all SO excited - Annie is a total gem and we feel so fortunate to have her join our family.

Cutest. I'll have to get them to spill their how-we-met/proposal story next!

3. I'm still working through The Winter Sea but really enjoying it. My insomnia has mercifully lifted so my reading time has taken a hit. Not complaining though! I thought I'd be able to get through a little bit of my newest beach read on our flights but LOLOLOLOL. So, I'm excited to dig into that this week/end.

4. Simon watched The Bachelor with me this week (so, last week - hometown dates) and after one episode he said he's a fan of Corinne. I gave him the side eye while he continued digging his grave and said that Vanessa is his least favorite (she's my favorite!) and then I told him he can find another location to watch next week. J/k. I loved Sharleen's take as ALWAYS.

5. I'm normally not a fan of full panel maternity jeans but I have to admit that I'm loving these. My other favorites are right on over here.

6. If you have kids or know a kid or want to have kids one day -- I feel like this rain jacket and these rain boots are such classic (can you say "pieces" about kids clothing? mmm it's a stretch but fine) pieces. If my girls weren't already set with boots I'd be all over it. I did have to get Bosco a jacket to match his siblings.

7. Is anyone else in disbelief/denial that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday? Simon said he could've sworn he heard me say I was giving up the Bachelor for Lent. Funny, REAL funny.

Okay, I said quick! Have the most wonderful weekend!!


  1. I'm with you! We went to Shrove Tuesday dinner tonight and I can't believe it's Lent. Wasn't it just Advent? Funnily enough, my due date is during Holy Week so I have a feeling this Lenten season is going to be challenging in more ways than one. Seems an appropriate time for waiting though. :)
    Also- love that duck coat. Too cute.

  2. I can't believe Paul is engaged! So exciting!

  3. Family genes run strong in your sibling group! It's so fun when brothers and sisters get married.



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