28 March 2017

Do I have my finger all up on the pulse of the hottest trends? No. So, don't listen to me because I'm probably a season or three behind but I have noticed quite a bit of embroidered pieces gracing the fashion blogs I frequent and the online retailers I occasionally peruse and so ... it must be true. Embroidery is back for another summer, ladies. And - gentlemen that might be reading. Gentleman (Simon?) ...

(I know, I know - my other option was: Embroidery: It's Amore so I think I picked the lesser of the two evils)

I love when we get a couple of years out of a fun trend because then the more affordable stores are a lot more likely to carry cute pieces (I'm looking at you) at a price point I can appreciate. While I think it's smart to buy and wear classic pieces that will stand the test of time - it's still fun to add a little flare here and there, right? RIGHT.

Simon was out of town this weekend and as always! I had ambitious goals in mind (think big closet clean-outs, laundry room deep clean, etc etc) but as always! I quickly parked myself right on into survival mode and considered the fact that we ordered pizza one time and not multiple times - a great success. I rented and watched some movies that Simon could live without seeing and hunted and gathered the embroidered pieces pictured above. So, basically the same as a sparkling clean laundry room, in the end. 

Anyway - here's what we're working with. I might have to do a round two because I'm sure the best is yet to come as the temperatures rise and summer welcomes us with open arms.

1. Roolee Top - I'm not one to play favorites (lie) but this might just be it. I almost hate clicking over to their site because I inevitably fall in love with almost everything. Every time.

2. Madewell Blouse - I'm going to hold out hope that this doesn't sell out, and then goes on clearance and then goes on super clearance so that it magically becomes a feasible and responsible purchase.

3. Forever 21 blouse (also comes in red) - I like that this is a little looser and I tell myself it would be a smart investment to wear over a nursing tank this summer. Maybe? I'll let you know.

4. smoking slipper - for all the smoking on my upcoming docket. I'm eying these like a hawk in the hopes that they go on random sale because I've had great luck with that brand of footwear before. The year is young - I have faith.

5. tunic  - I have the shirt version of this tunic and love it. This would make a great pool/beach coverup but I would also totally wear it to church. With my smoking slippers. 

6. Old Navy shift - I knew they'd pull through. This will inevitably go on super sale - multiple times. I just hope it doesn't sell out before then.

7. long sleeve blouse - I don't know why but I love flowier long sleeve blouses with shorts in the summer. I know, I know - it's too hot for long sleeves but if I have a day of errands planned I always wear long sleeves because I know the a/c will be bumping at an uncomfortable level of cold in allllll of the stores. Preparedness and cold-blooded are not my middle names but perhaps they should be.

8. tassel top - this might be my second favorite find. It just might.

9. tassel tank - no profundity here - I just think its cute.

10. AE tank - also comes in grey which I might prefer over the white? I don't know.

let me know if you've seen any others out in the retail wild - I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Happy (last 13 minutes of) Tuesday!


  1. Hey Grace, have you ever posted a favorite blogs post? You always have really good recommendations (thank you for this and the last post!!!!! I'm 19 weeks with bambino numero tres and needed some new maternity threads.) Anyway, I found Kate (Small things) and Janssen (Everday Reading) through you and am so appreciative for those, and I recently have seen that Janssens sister Merrick has a blog which is great too. So any other good ones you check regularly??? Thanks for always delivering a good laugh and great recommendations for us mamas! LOVE that AE tank! Xoxo

    1. if you scroll down on my sidebar I have a "better blogs" section :) but I probably should update it - thanks for the reminder!!!

  2. Killing it with the sale/clearance strategies. Same. And lol - "preparedness and cold-blooded are not my middle names but perhaps they should be."

  3. I saw the almost exact replica of #10 being worn at Paris Fashion Week. I'd say you're up to date with the trends ;)

  4. These are not on sale buuuuuttttt.....check out Mi Golondrina! All the pieces are beautiful <3

  5. I ordered this dress during Gap's friends and family sale:
    I haven't received it yet but I'm hoping it isn't too short!



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