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29 March 2017

I know I've said it before and I know I'll say it again but I am a classic and predictable creature of habit - in almost all aspects of life. I thrive on routine, I like to make and stick to plans, and am admittedly not awesome about deviating from our norm. I'm working on it but - I've also accepted that it's just how I work best. Fortunately or unfortunately - depending on who you ask - this mentality seeps into my cooking and meal planning week after week after week. I cook what I know because it feels easiest at the moment but I've come to realize that a little bit of experimentation can go a long way in the food department.

enjoying a little in-home lunch date after putting the kids down for naps like the thoughtful parents that we are. 

I've blogged several times about our love for Blue Apron and this particular recipe wasn't something I'd ever think to put together but turned out to be a big hit. Presenting ... 

Pork and Cabbage Tacos with Pineapple and Pickled JalapeƱo Salsa. 

Without fail, every single time I tell Simon what the Blue Apron dish du jour is going to be he kind of wrinkles his brow and says, "that should be interesting ... " and without fail, every single time when we sit down and eat he says, "oh, this is actually REALLY good ... we need to make this a regular meal ... "

the skeptic at expressive work.

We are big taco fans and don't limit ourselves to just taco Tuesdays around here so the twist was a fun and almost necessary changeup from our usual go-to recipe. I've had mango salsa before but the pineapple tasted lighter and complemented the crisp cabbage well. Yes, I watch and memorize lines from cooking show critics in my spare time. 

In the highly unlikely event that you aren't familiar with Blue Apron, allow me to educate the masses:

Blue Apron is a wonderful service that delivers farm fresh ingredients right to your doorstep, perfectly portioned, along with beautiful chef-designed recipes to create the most delicious meals
+ there are two plans: the 2-person plan and the family plan and everything arrives in a refrigerated box (it stays impressively cool on our porch in the Florida heat!)
+ They are currently working toward developing a sustainable food system and use very high quality ingredients - you can check out their vision page here!
Blue Apron has a huge selection of recipes and is always adding to their rotation every week
+ There's absolutely no commitment and you can skip or cancel at any time
+ All of their meals are between 500-800 calories per serving and take up to 40 minutes to prepare (usually less - in our experience!)
Blue Apron offers a recycling program that you can learn more about here!

One of my favorite parts about Blue Apron is how well it incorporates unique (to me) produce into it's recipes. I'm not sure I would've ever realized how much better fresh ginger tastes than the powdered stuff or how much I love cooking with Bok Choy if it weren't for Blue Apron.

lime zest, cabbage, and limes - a portrait.

I also learned how to easily and perfectly warm tortillas (wrapped in foil, in a heated oven, duh) with this recipe vs. my time consuming method of individually heating them in a frying pan on the stove. 

plating the almost finished product ... 

finishing touches by the master herself ...

and done!

ready to devour. 

If you want to try it out the first 25 readers will get their first three meals for free right HERE!

Thank you to Becca (regular Blue Apron user!) for the photos and to Blue Apron for sponsoring this here post!


  1. Was I supposed to sing the title of this post to the tune of The Pina Colada Song? Because I did...

  2. We had this meal too. I typically don't like sweet and savory mixed together and was highly skeptical about pineapple salsa. Spoiler: it's delicious!

    We want to make it again and try it with ground turkey since that's easier for us to find.

  3. this looks so good. so do these pictures. and your kitchen!



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