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03 February 2017

1. Career day! It seemed to come out of nowhere but Julia has had it in her head for months that she wants to be a rock star when she grows up (lead singer - she will specify every time) and Sebastian was undecided between many professions but we went with what we had on hand (army man or construction worker depending on if you asked before or after school). And I should've taken a photo as we were rushing out the door already 2.5 minutes after the tardy bell had rung because Julia's tights couldn't keep up with her rocker lifestyle ...

2. Don't mind the crib mattress in the living room. We (or I - Simon hasn't come home from work to see the damage yet) are/am in the middle of rearrange-the-house-palooza. Sort of. Nothing too crazy but I'll show you when it's finished (bunk beds still in process - although the painting IS finished, thankfully!) so you have that to look forward to - lucky ducks. Speaking of rearranging/furniture/etc I've typed it before and I'll type it again but the one piece of furniture/gear I cared about when Julia was born was a glider/rocking chair and the aesthetic pickings were slim all those 6.5 years ago and now I'm seeing pieces like these float around and wishing I could turn back time and bring it with me. I refuse to type "swoon" but that's what I did when I saw it.

3. Onto much MUCH more exciting news - an update on Joy! I put the latest update from Matt on the original post but she's doing so well! She's out of the hospital and from the videos Kristin has posted looks just like the sweet little Joy we remember! Thank you SO much for all of your prayers! Her recovery has been truly miraculous.

4. On the book front, I finished Small Admissions and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I think it would make a really fun movie and kept casting the characters in my head (Tina Fey as the overbearing older sister - I think) and sweet Hallie, who always has the best book recs, let me know that Nine Dresses, One Woman was light and enjoyable and I'm next on the holds list and am kind of hoping it's released into my eager little paws this weekend. So far - no luck but we all know I'm an optimist.

5. I hope I'm not alone in being borderline mad at Nick for sending Sarah home this past week. She was high up in my top four and I just don't buy that he sees more potential chemistry with some of the other girls still around. I'm over it. Mostly. This week's dates were almost unbearable aside from Rachel who is a very VERY close second to my very favorite: Vanessa. You know she goes far if Nick is already asking about her dad. Sharleen agreed with me - smart woman.

6. As far as pertinent sales go - I took advantage of this 30% off bedding sale (the boys toddler bed sheets didn't fit on their new twin mattresses - go figure!) and snagged these for the boys (the radiant gray pattern) but am still in the market for comforters or maybe just blankets - I guess the bedding world is my oyster.

7. If you've ever found yourself tossing and turning and wide awake at night wondering what on earth it is I pack in my diaper bag - restful sleep is within your reach, folks! Because here are all the answers you've been looking for. On page 26 specifically.

Happy weekend. Hope you've got some fun football food in the works - even if you don't necessarily care to watch the game (who?! me?! Never.)

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oh! ps! I still need to add a few things but I'm having a little closet sale over here and it ends tomorrow night :)


  1. Also, can we just be done with the "To Be Continued..." episodes? They should really be naming these episodes Weeks 3/4, 4/5, etc...Ugh.

  2. Very glad to hear that update on Joy. I don't know her but I have been praying.. because that has to be every parents worst fear. What a miracle!

  3. So glad Joy is recovering so well! I always love that you share your book recs with us, so here's my just finished-couldn't put it down-page turner: Daughters of the Dragon by William Andrews.

  4. I don't mind the crib mattress in the living room. We have a twin mattress in our living room b/c we had to replace the super-old ones on the bunk beds, but when I hauled them downstairs, well, best trampoline ever and no more jumping on the furniture. The second one is at the foot of the slide my long-suffering-but-handy husband built in the basement. Sometimes I relegate the living-room one to the basement, but it keeps ending up back in the living room. Great if you have energetic kids and also like a trailer-park aesthetic.

  5. So happy to hear Joy is home & thriving! There is nothing better than witnessing God's miracles &/or the ways He moves in our lives.

  6. I would share with my neighbor!

  7. Ahhhh!!! I love it all! I would share this cool stuff with my best friend (and fellow nurse)! She makes my life compete, gal pals are the best.

  8. These are my favorite posts (sharing your favs). I'd love to share this with my BFF and actual sister, Jessica, who introduced me to your blog.

  9. I would share these with my sister, who is a teacher in obviously need great coffee! and she's a boss and deserves to be celebrated

  10. I would share these awesome prizes with my sister, who's a teacher in NYC, so obviously needs a great coffee hook-up. And she's a boss and deserves to be celebrated :)



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