good old Gasparilla

01 February 2017

... because when you've attended your second Gasparilla you can refer to it as such.

As suspected, we had a lot more fun at the real deal (just the invasion and flotilla - not the festivities and debauchery to follow) than we did at the kid's parade but we had a much better plan and setup so I'm not sure it's a totally fair comparison.

People kept walking by and chuckling at Bosco's hood (because it has ears, I suspect) despite many of them being in full on pirate garb ...

... but to each their chuckling own!

The kids get their staring problem from me and I'm not proud of it. At all. 

Phoebe has started to act as though she is Bosco's sole parent and guardian out in public which is endearing to me and infuriating to him. Sorry B.

Beer, backpack, and bear - gang's all here.

Anyway, I mentioned to Simon that I thought it might be a good idea to run upstairs and grab some of our winter hats since the forecast looked chilly and he responded with someone along the lines of, "um - overkill, Crazy G" so I refrained but I regretted it and wish I'd just gone with my original crazy.

The kids were fine and happy and had a blast and it was a fight to even get Sebastian to wear a sweatshirt over his one shirt but I was layered up in two shirts, my coziest sweater, and a jacket and was debating the pathetic factor of running back to the comfort of the van's heated seats almost the entire time. I finally checked the temperature because I thought surely it was below freezing and breaking Florida weather records but no - it was 56 degrees. I'm ashamed and fully aware that a balmy day in some parts of Canada does 56 degrees make. Florida has ruined me for LIFE.

We joined our friends at their impressive two tent camp to watch the boats and eventually the pirate ship go by. The kids ate their food, waved for beads, and gave me a couple of coronaries sitting/standing on that ledge.

Phoebe waiting for the tented port-a-potty. I think our friends would make the most excellent of tail gating companions because they thought of everything.

Phoebe didn't quite get the appeal of collecting dozens of necklaces and instead handed out whatever necklaces she got in the kids' favorite colors (blue for Bash, green for Theo, purple for Julia) which almost makes up for her new, "bite till they cry" fighting tactic she's recently adopted and put to good and terrible use of late.

Fooling no one.

Theo fit right in with his traditional pirate-ish attire ... 

... and I was the mean (cold) mom that waved the nap time flag shortly after the pirate ship went by so we started the walk back to the car ...

... not a minute too late.

I'm sure you're already patiently waiting for next year's Gasparilla recap and I can't say that I blame you. I don't blame you one bit!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Don't feel ashamed....

    1) Your blood has thinned.

    2) 56 degrees is cold in Florida. Truly. I was in NYC recently and felt fine when it was 50, yet my teeth chatter when it's 50 here. It's a wet cold.

    3) I was at an outdoor BBQ festival in Lakeland (because Gasparilla sounds miserable to me) and was cold.

  2. 56, and esp. on the water, IS cold! :) don't you love it?

  3. What beach wagon do you have? Does it work well in the sand? I'm looking for one but the reviews are all iffy. Thanks!

  4. the one in the picture was from a friend so I'm not sure but we also have this one and love it:

  5. Hahaha, love the Canada comment. We're sporting .. er mounds of coldness here in Saskatoon currently. Don't look. Unless it makes you feel better. But yes- 56 would be balmy about now, you're right about that!

    It looks like a fun adventure! Glad no one fell on those rocks (I may have been slightly fixated on that photo in fear for awhile).

  6. at 56F this Canadian would be in shorts and a t-shirt ;p



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