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10 February 2017

1. "can you text it to Nana? And Dad?"

Someone get this girl some confidence asaP.

2. Galentine's - This should be numero uno but second is the best, or so thought second grade Grace. Thank you all for all of your entries on the Galentine's Day giveaway! It's still going strong so hop over and enter pronto. I'm so glad Rafflecopter does the picking because I could never ever pick a winner - so many sweet comments!

3. B-b-b-bachelor - I have to admit that I really thought Nick was going to deliver a stellar (ahem - as stellar as the show can be) season and while there's still time to redeem himself so far? eh. I believe in you though, Viall - don't let us down. I always love Sharleen's perceptive take on the episodes (I didn't pick up on Danielle L being unpopular in the house?) and was so happy that Jonesy gave us a recap of last week's episode - hopefully she does one for this week too :)

4. Books! Nine Women, One Dress DID indeed come off the hold list (although they randomly emailed Simon about it and he almost forgot to tell me - tsk tsk tsk) and I'm enjoying it! It's a nice breather after a couple of intense (for me ha) books in a row. Also! Kate's book came in the mail and I'm loving her seasoned thoughts on motherhood AND I saw that Bunmi's has a new one coming out that I just might have to pre-order - although May seems SO FAR AWAY right now.

5. Duped - I'd been seeing a super cute, super pricey, and super sold out peplum from one of my favorite brands all over the fashion blogging place and I love that Old Navy jumped right on the dupe train and came out with a more affordable option (they seem to keep restocking sizes so if yours is sold out - there's hope!) and actually - Old Navy is kind of killing it in the "ruffled hem" (euphemism for peplum? methinks so) department at the moment.

6. you'll never guess - but Loft is offering 40% off a significant chunk of their inventory. I love the simplicity and versatility of this utility blouse and this timeless camel colored belt.

7. Weekenders - Alright, I've got some shoeboxes to cover in festive wrapping paper and some homemade Valentines to attempt before we inevitably tuck our tails between our legs and head off to the picked over Valentine aisle-o-doom. Hope your weekend holds some similarly exciting plans!


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  1. Btw, have you read The Hating Game? omg. read in 36 hours could not stop

    1. yes! I struggled to finish - ha! maybe because I listened to it? that changes things!

    2. Oh nooooooo! Sad! Loved it in word form

  2. THOSE SHOES!! Going to keep my eye on future Shop the Camp sales for when those cuties come up for grabs :) And can't wait to hear what you think of Nine Women, One Dress!

  3. Have you seen these Bachelor themed Valentine's for kids? Thought you'd appreciate them!

  4. Too cute! I love Parks and Rec. I need to add some of those books to my reading list.



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