22 February 2017

There were a lot of nights and eternal call weekends throughout residency that I swore when Simon was finished we were going to celebrate with a big trip to somewhere crazy like Italy (lolol - I have to applaud my uncharacteristically bold optimism). Our imaginary Italian getaway obviously didn't happen as we had to get down to Florida so Simon could start his fellowship and Bosco was about a week old BUT we still said we'd have to do something to commemorate residency's end. I can't say this was a dedicated celebratory trip (there's always the end of fellowship!!) but it was a huge Valentine's day surprise when Simon presented me with an actual date card a la Bachelor franchise style for an overnight date across the bay (so many fantasy suite jokes! so little time!) this past weekend.

I think he knew that unless he just went ahead and booked it and arranged to have a sitter some - I wouldn't agree because leaving the kids feel so daunting (but was actually much easier than anticipated - don't tell them) and easier to just not do anything. But! We went and we had a blast. We love our life and kids and the chaos but it felt really nice to have a string of uninterrupted conversations, pack a bag sans sound machines and gear galore, and enjoy a couple of meals on our own.

Our digs weren't too shabby either ...

We're not at the Camp anymore, Toto  Diego. Mom humor at its finest worst.

As fate would have it - they had oversold the room Simon booked so we got a fancy pants upgrade to a bigger room. We got there just in time to take a walk along the beach and watch the sunset before walking to a nearby hotel for dinner. Simon even indulged my excitement over a Britney Spears documentary on cable television later that night while talking about baby names which generally involves Grace tossing out a name and Simon grimacing before saying, "I'll have to let that one marinate" over and over again.

We enjoyed a little (aka huge) brunch the next morning and after one trip through the buffet line Simon said he had eaten too much and felt ill while I was happy to roll right back up not two but three times total. The baby was hungry. And there was Nutella.

Overall it was the most perfect 20 hour getaway I've ever been on and we both promised not to let 6 1/2 years slip by before doing it again.

I gave Simon a Fitbit for Valentine's Day thinking I'd been really thoughtful but methinks that maybe he outgifted me this year - just this once! Just this once, Patton.

ps. speaking of gifts - did you see that Amazon is taking $8.62 off all orders over $50 today (enter code BIGTHANKS at checkout)? Time to stock up on diapers, dog food, and well, maybe that's it.


  1. I feel you on the whole making plans that involve a sitter thing.. I think Joe may have given up on gift cards, etc for me because I'm terrible about actually getting away without the kids, despite the best of intentions. Glad you got a mini fancy getaway! You deserve it!

  2. It's weird but the more kids we have the better we've become about leaving them. 😂

  3. That Britney Spears documentary!! Did you watch the actual documentary or the can't-stop-watching-it's-so-bad Lifetime Britney movie that was on before it!?

  4. Love seeing love. What a fun and beautiful surprise :)

  5. Well, Simon wins at present giving!! This looks amazing, and so well deserved for you two :) That pink palace though, gorgeous!

  6. I'm stuck on a brunch with Nutella, minus kids. That would cement the trip as heavenly vs just lovely. You really made me want to just book a sitter.

  7. Now, how many times did a stranger ask you guys, "Aww, is this your first?" then you drop the 6 bomb on them and laaaaaaugh at their faces? I love doing that.

  8. What a sweet note and a great trip!

  9. The Don CeSar is so gorgeous!! I've seen it when we visit my grandma in St. Pete. We did our first overnight with a sitter just before the holidays, it seemed so stressful in the planning what with school pick ups and drop offs and the like. But it went so well I wonder why we don't do it more often! Glad you guys got away.

  10. I am so glad you and Simon were able to get away and enjoy alone time together! Yay! :)



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