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17 February 2017


I know, I've used that post title before. I think we'll all survive.

1. I'm not sure we'll survive Simon's grimace on the left, on the left - though. He was excited about the father/daughter dance - I promise.

As excited as Julia? I don't think it's possible that anyone was as excited as Julia about the father/daughter dance this past weekend. She started asking at 8am if she could put her dress on and I thought her eyes would pop out of her head when Simon gave her that corsage. He said she didn't stop high speed dancing the entire evening - even breaking her plastic pearl necklace at one point. He tried to take it off so that she wouldn't keep bouncing faux pearls all over the floor but she was in the middle of a dance contest and told him, "Dad, I really need to keep dancing". Yeah DAD. The first thing she asked when they got in the car to come home was, "can we come to the dance next year?" -- she gets her planning and competitive dancing skills from her mother.

2. I keep reading and seeing how sick everyone has been this winter and I kept hoping and praying that we'd be spared and feeling terrible for all of my family and friends that were down for the count. Wellllll for the first time in med school/residency/fellowship history Simon called in sick because he's down for the count with the flu today. We are making sure he doesn't breathe on, touch, or look at anyone and I wouldn't put it past me to purchase a mask (hazmat suit?) for him to wear until he's better. I think we'd be less crazy + cautious if we weren't about to travel to my sister's wedding. I think.

3. Alright, so I finished Nine Women, One Dress last night and I really enjoyed it! I wish some of the stories had tied together more but overall it was light and pleasant and now I just really want that Max Hammer dress!! A kind reader recently recommended The Winter Sea (after she saw one of you recommend it in the comments) and the library had it (!!!!) so I snatched it up and so far - so great. I also have to admit that I reserved the most cliché beach read ever only because I thought it might be nice to have something breezy for our flights where Bosco will inevitably let me read in 3-4 minute snatches - if that. Always prepared, that Grace.

4. I loved these tips (and YAY for a new blog to love and read obsessively) for those of us that hate packing kids lunches (that I forwarded onto Simon because he packs them - I packed them on Valentine's Day and he said that it truly was the best gift I could ever give him - maybe I should just make his life and make them myself?) and now I'm wondering if these lunch boxes are worth the hype?

5. Who else is super excited about Rachel being the Bachelorette??? Of course - it's kind of a huge spoiler for the current season (surely Corinne doesn't make it to the final two?!) and I've listened to multiple podcasts speculating as to why they announced her so early but I'm so excited (as already stated) and always love that the Bachelorette starts so quickly after the Bachelor. Almost makes up for the fall drought ABC always puts us through. Always. Jones is back to her recapping ways (!!!), both of Sharleen's recaps are already live (blog + Flare recap) and Nick was on the Channel 33 podcast this week and Ashley I was on Afterbuzz (I never thought I'd love her so much after Chris' season but I can't help it - I DO).

6. I always get so excited when Anthropologie runs their 40% off clearance items sale because it's the only time I really let myself look at their gorgeous inventory. I rarely buy but it's fun to look, you know? I always start with shoes and move onto house and home because I'm wild and crazy like that. I have to admit this tank did catch my eye and I'll hope it's around after I have the baby.

7. I'm guessing you already follow Kate on her blog and various forms of social media because she's so great and that you already saw her genius rec for buying Gap's vintage wash t-shirts in tall (even if you aren't super tall). I heeded her advice and am so SO glad I did. Because while leggings aren't pants (will that notfunny debate ever die?) sometimes I wear leggings to the gym, grocery store, post office, etc and I love the longer length of the t-shirts with my "pants". I owe you, K. Bryan. I prefer the scoop neck but they have more colors in the v-neck and on top of already being 40% off they are an additional 25% off with code MORE right now.

Hope your weekend holds lots of promises of fun and relaxation.



  1. We love our Planetbox and it is seemingly indestructible. We have the older model with the metal lids and so far no leaks but you have to get them on just so. I wish we had the newer lids. I would pass on getting the water bottle that comes with it, that thing can be finicky. I pack the lunchbox for my son and it does make it easier for whatever reason, it really does. He's an only child so of course we only had to buy 1 but truthfully I'd like to have one for myself but the price.....yeah maybe not. Can't say enough good things about it though!

  2. We use these for our lunch boxes- much cheaper but very functional and sturdy!!

    I also (sometimes) do the sandwiches in the freezer trick, except try to do a loaf of bread-worth and just stick them back in the bread bag to store (or a large freezer ziploc). Since they aren't in the freezer long, it works just fine!

  3. I make two days of lunches at a time, ALWAYS at night while my husband does the dishes or bedtime routine. I use these boxes and love having enough of them to just stack them up in the fridge and the kids can grab their own and pack it in their lunch box on the way out the door! I have been using the same set for three years now and they are in pretty good shape!

  4. Planet Boxes are indeed worth the hype, all 4 of my kids LOVE them!

  5. I hope he feels better and none of you get it! When my husband got a stomach bug while in residency, I turned into an infection control nurse and wouldn't get near him without wearing gloves, poor guy! lol

    1. I love the Bentgo Box, the compartments are leakproof so I can pack dips and yogurts without any extra containers

  6. Love The Winter Sea and alllllll her other books. Enjoy!

  7. The planetboxes are totally worth it. The price is toughhhh but we have had ours for years and it still looks brand new. Plus I love that they open the top and the food is all right in front of them, ready to go. No opening lots of tiny containers. It makes such a difference in how much lunch my kids actually eat!

  8. I can attest to planetbox. I use the tiniest one (called the Launch? I think?) and I absolutely love the no-bag, no-food-touching ease of packing. Now, this is said with the caveat that I am one of those annoying over-organized health-food obsesssed parents. So for those parents who are happy with a bag of Doritos, cheese stick, and uncrustable, these would not be worth the investment.

  9. #4. Yes. I need all the tips in the world. I hate lunch packing, I have a picky kid and a nut free school-so many things are off the table. I love any time someone shares tips!

  10. I make lunch for the week on Sunday nights and store in the extra fridge. Then each night the kids (or i) go grab a main, a veg, a fruit, and a yogurt. So much easier and it barely takes extra time to make five sandwiches at once or wash a weeks worth of grapes at once. So much more efficient and easier!



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