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02 March 2014


I owe you all a hearty applause of thanks for rising up and answering my plea for Apartment Therapy Award votes on Wednesday because the Camp was victorious!! I was down by 100+ votes when I posted the pathetic, drove Julia to preschool, and by the time I got home people had emailed that we were closing in and then ... poof! Pulling ahead. Thank you for being so kind and generous with your time ... I know it was a huge hassle to vote and I was floored by your dedication to the cause.

Simon says I can never ask you for anything ever again and I completely agree. Hold me to it! Please.

One of the very best things about blogging is getting to comb, wince, and cringe your way through your archives and I found myself procrastinating organizing the very scary pantry earlier today and doing just that.

Here are a few posts that I thought (wrong? maybe) you might like to read ... if you're new around here. And skip if you're a veteran. Or reread if you're both a veteran AND a glutton for punishment.

(you can click on the corresponding photos to get to the desired post because did you know I'm a blogging wizard?)

1. When I was 15 weeks pregnant with Julia I found out I had thyroid cancer (which sounds so much scarier than it should ... I think). Read all about the surgery that followed here. This was before I posted a gratuitous number of photos with every post so ... don't skip it.

2. When Simon is on his months of working nights (which technically is VERY early evening to what feels like LATE morning) I have to get creative with the neverevereverending evenings with the kids. And sometimes I make creative mistakes.

Like this one.

3. The other day Simon tried to bet me that I would feel some bizarre feelings of sadness and nostalgia when residency is over. He crazy. I wrote this at a pretty low point (maybe the lowest?) of the four years thus far and not that things are ever downright sunny in residencia but they've certainly felt to be looking up as of late. But in case I ever want to drag myself back down memory lane for a super fun little jaunt ... I always have this post.

He, like, hasn't changed a bit, right?

4. Well this is from just a few weeks ago but I was (pleasantly) shocked at how many kind souls commented.

I threw the slideshow together, showed it to Simon expecting him to give me the, "eh ... not your best work" line (which I do appreciate) but he urged me to post it and so here it is. Best work? Not at all.

5. That time that Sebastian was 11 days old and I had myself pegged as a ...

and things have only spiraled from there.


6. And one of my favorite anniversary posts to put together ...

three years in.

Okay I could keeeeeep trucking but I'm exercising my one shred of self restraint here for the sake of your eye glaze.

I'm actually typing this from my perch over on Saturday night. Simon is going to finish up a 24 hour shift tomorrow (so technically today) morning around 7, race home, pop in the van where I'll be waiting with my mom and the (super chipper, I'm sure) kids, race to the airport, and see if crazyhorse Titan is going to let him, Theo, and myself fly out and onto our next great adventure on the conference circuit. My mom is staying with the older two kids and we couldn't be more grateful for her help and generosity. I'll keep you posted via loads of grammage if you dare to care and check if we made it to our destination. And you know I can't stand to stay away from a little post publishing action for long.

ciao far now.


  1. YAY CAMP! Good for you…I hope you get the million + new clicks you so richly deserve. Also, I LOVED the Whole Foods post. We almost never go there, but when we do, I make sure to bring all three children under 4 and brandish my food stamp card to prove how little I belong.

  2. I'm a newbie, but have done lots of backtracking during nap times to catch up.Thank you for verbalizing many of the things I often think as a stay at home mom. We own and operate a dairy farm which is a lifestyle in and of itself, but my husband also does a lot of custom equipment work for other farmers. Our lives are worlds apart yet so similar. I am often left as a "single parent" during the busy season (March-November). There are days where my husband is home a few hours to sleep (after we've already gone to bed) and leaves again before we wake up. Our son gets to see him when I take him to ride along in the tractor. And not only am I responsible for all the things being a stay at home mom entails, I have to help keep things rolling smoothly at the dairy and I provide childcare for another family three to four days a week. I get whiny and I KNOW that we are so blessed. I KNOW my husband is outside no matter the weather working his tail off to give us all the necessities and then some. I KNOW I should be thankful, but I just need to vent and whine to someone other than my husband. Thanks again for making me feel like I'm not a crazy, ungrateful lunatic ;)

  3. Congrats on the win! You deserve it, as you've been making me laugh every day since we met :-)

  4. I had a dream baby #4 is a girl!!! So, also, that's weird that I dreamt about your child & fam!

    1. haha. not weird at all!!

      We'll see if your dream was right in a few (fine, several!) weeks!!

  5. That's Awesome! Congrats! I love your blog. As a military wife I can relate to the insane schedules. My mom recently had major spinal surgery with a surgeon who has four kids under 5 and works pretty much all the time. I met his wife and referred her to Camp Patton. I tried to relate with her but I only have one toddler, and I I don't think I could EVER handle life with as much style and cool as you do with your little ones. Instead I just pray for my period.

  6. If I could share my fist bump picture here, I totally would. You're a rock star. Be sure to strut for just a bit.

    1. first I thought that said "FIRST bump picture" and I thought, wait...Kelly is pregnant, did I miss something?! Had to reread "fist bump", makes total sense now! Should not read blogs before morning cup of coffee.

  7. Your anniversary video gets me every time. Love it.
    I just did 5 days alone with a large dog and a six month old and I can't say that I'm looking forward to the deployments to come later this year. 3 cheers to the mamas and dads who manage to keep it [sorta] together with crazy spouse schedules.

  8. Okay. I'm a newbie, but can I say that I love you guys?! Oh my goodness gracious, you're kiddos are completely DARLING. And you are just a fun new friend to read. Thanks for putting this together to get to know y'all! Sarah @ :)

  9. congrats on your win, lady! i am a new camp patton fan -- so i will catch up on all these posts!

  10. Woohoo, congrats!! Cheers to a fellow thyroid-less lady... although I was lucky and they caught mine ridiculously early when I was 17 :) That was not the most enjoyable process ever... but I'm sure much more complicated and challenging with a baby!

  11. You totally deserved to win (and I'm thankful you did because this means you won't give up blogging anytime soon, which would be sad for us all...)
    Katie (Dear Mushka)

  12. You have to watch that video - It's Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot. I haven't been to such a place for years and years. Granted, the closest one is about an hour away - us hillbillies don't have much to do with hippies, lol.

  13. Hey Grace, Thanks for encouraging us to vote for The Camp (and congrats on the win!). Because of you, I have now discovered the greatness that is Apartment Therapy. Kudos to changing my life forever. #nbd #adayinthelifeofgracepatton

  14. love love LOVED you post on residency hatred! Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for complaining - it truly is the worst! People keep saying it gets better, but 2 years down (3 to go), several terrible holidays spent alone, and with no family around I'm still waiting for that to happen. Misery loves some company so complain all you want! I will gladly sit here and read all day while I nod my head in solidarity. Love the blog. You are hilarious and your family is adorable.

  15. "The other day Simon tried to bet me that I would feel some bizarre feelings of sadness and nostalgia when residency is over." - hahahahaha...I doubt any wife who has gone thru residency (myself included) would ever be sad it is over. If there is one out there, I think therapy might be in order. Never wish those days on anyone...only worst was when my husband was sent to Afghanistan for 9 months 6 months after residency that was salt in a wound that had not healed.



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