Julia Styles

17 March 2014

jumper - Matilda Jane c/o Kidizen (app | pinterest)
blazer - Harajuku Mini for Target via thredUP
cat flats - Mini Melissa (gift from generous {and blogless} Carolina)
purse - c/o J.Crew

Discussing the new baby ...
Grace: do you think it's a girl or a boy?
Julia: well, it's a girl named Madeline.
Grace: But what if it's a boy? What should we name him then?
Julia: I think we should have another Theodora
Grace: Any other names tickle your fancy?
Julia: hmmm
Julia: How about the name, "War"? That's a sweet one, huh Mom??

While getting her dressed for church ...
Grace: okay let's put these shoes on ...
Julia: (as she plucks her tennis shoes out of the closet) well, I just really think Jesus would like these nice ones better.

Walking home from preschool one afternoon when we all saw a squirrel sprint by ...
Julia: oh, boy.
Grace: what?
Julia: It looks like that squirrel REALLY needs to find a bathroom.

At Costco when a jovial elderly gentleman stopped us in the cereal aisle ...
Elderly gentleman: hi kids!
Julia: oh, hi good lookin'!!

At the park when a spry five year old boy came bounding onto the slide next to Sebastian ...  
Julia: watch out for that old man, Bash!!! (again - 5 feet away, 5 years of age)

In the car when Avicii's, "Hey Brother" came on the radio in the van...
Julia: hey! Bash! it's your jam!!
Bash: mm hmm
Julia: (sings) heyyyyyy mudder. donnnnn't studder.

After she offered me a bite of her cookie but I declined because ... lent ...
Julia: what's lent?
Grace: wellll ...... terrible explanation ensues
Julia: (leans in and whispers) whispers, "well, I won't tell Jesus if you have just one bite."

While I was tearing around the house looking for a measuring tape ...
Julia: oh! the measuring tape?
Grace: yes, have you seen it?
Julia: (sprints to the kitchen, pulls something out of a drawer, hides it behind her back before dramatically presenting me with ... a measuring cup ) I assume THIS is what you're looking for?!

And Sebastian insisted I take some photos of him after he saw Julia in action ...

shirt - gift from sweet Mary
shorts - Janie and Jack via thredUP
boots -Hunter via eBay

And the sole conversational contribution from Sebastian which (unfortunately) happens multiple times a day whenever there's a smell-tale sign that maybe he needs to be changed ...
Grace: Bash, do you need me to change your diaper?
Sebastian: (matter-of-factly with a shrug) no, just gas.
Grace: okay.


  1. Best one yet? I believe so. "Good lookin" was my favorite.

  2. She looks so scholarly! Preschool is clearly having a positive impact on her.

  3. She seems to be Jesus's spokesperson.

  4. Haha!!! This was a great one! Hey good lookin was the best! :)

  5. it kills me how quickly they can putthings in context; my son keeps telling me "pretty good dinner, mama."

  6. Julia has great taste for girl names...Madeline is a favorite of mine!
    Those glasses make her look like she's bound for Harvard...or maybe med school? ;)

  7. Not that any teacher would admit it out loud, but something tells me that the Patton sibs might just be the favorites in their classroom.

  8. Love the Lenten enabling...!

  9. Huh-larious. Oh boys....
    Today I overheard this from the backseat:
    Miriam: Joseph, you're a silly goose!
    Joseph: I not a goose! Imma boy!
    Miriam: No, you're a silly goose!
    Joseph: No! Imma gross boy!

    Then when we were climbing the 3 flights of stairs up to apartment he stops me mid-flight and says "Mama, guess what. I like to poop my pants." He proceeds up the stairs while I am left standing there thanking God I only have one boy at this time :)

  10. haha! oh the horror of those "ancient" 5 year olds! :)

    and I love the dramatic flourishes with the measuring cup . . reminds of this comic:

  11. When I was pregs with #3 I would ask my 3 yr old what she thought we should name the baby if it was a boy… She without skipping a beat said - "Oh we'll throw him in the trash" AND then she started telling her teachers at preschool that 'we' were going to throw a baby boy in the trash. Fortunately bebe #3 turned out to be a girl so I have not had to have the trashcan under lock and key!

  12. So, did you have a bite since she promised not to tell? I won't tell either.

  13. LOL! I do love this new feature. LOVE it. Miss Julia rocks those Patton Piggy' them! I need to send Bash a new camo shirt one size up. That boys just keeps on growing. Wowza!! Happy St. Paddy's Day!!

  14. Always my favorite. Love that she already has an in with Jesus. She's one hilarious little lady.

  15. Also, do you like kidizen? I found the amount of info they wanted about my kiddos to be a bit creepy - perhaps maybe an unwarranted concern?

    1. Hi Kelly, This is Dori from Kidizen. The info is used to so that you can filter items by your child's size and gender with just one tap. This is optional, however, so you can just skip this step if it doesn't feel right to you. I can see how this can seem a bit too invasive, and really appreciate your feedback on this! Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Thanks! Dori

    2. Thanks for clarifying! I'll give it another try - love the concept of it!

  16. She and Jesus are TIGHT this week! You never know when that will be useful, I guess. At least now you know that next time you feel like going super casual to church that Jesus really likes those nice sweatpants better. You know, for the kingdom. :)

    And I'll bet the elderly gentleman in Costco got a kick out of her response!

  17. I don't know how I came across your blog, but I'm so glad I did. I don't usually read the "mommy blogs", as I'm not a mommy and too old to ever become one, but I've been lurking forever, mostly because of Julia. Love, love, love that girl - she's hilarious!!

  18. Julia is way more stylish than I am. I should really get my act together.

  19. Bash's blase gas remark was the perfect bookend for this wonderfully absurd round up of Julia-isms.

  20. Oh my, Julia's shoes are too adorable, but holy moly! I need a generous Carolina in my life to make those a reality!

  21. Your kids are the best entertainment a Tuesday morning could ask for.

  22. Someone give Julia her own talk show like NOW. At this age. It'd be a hit!

  23. I laughed out loud at the measuring tape / cups conversation. She's a clever one!! How do you manage to remember all of the cute things she says? Or have time to write them down to remember?

  24. you guys never disappoint. thanks for the laughs! (:

  25. These are the best posts.

    "I won't tell Jesus" I love it.

  26. My husband calls me "War" because my maiden name is Warner!

  27. Oh man I love the difference in their expressions! She's so surious, he's so barely aware of the camera. Such sweetness.

  28. Oh my goodness!! "Hey, good lookin'!" I AM DYING. She's the best.

  29. Hey good looking was my favorite as well, the squirell one coming in a close second. Thank you for these!

  30. "I won't tell Jesus.." hahaha this is amazing.

  31. I just found your blog through Bridget's and am never leaving. Your kids are precious and quite hysterical. This made my day!!

  32. Kills me every time! And ya HAD to top it off with Bash--you know how I feel about him. #1 fan. Anytime he makes a debut is a good day in my book.

    I don't read many mom blogs, so I used to think that I laughed so much at these mostly because kids say the funniest things in general, but NO. Julia is one something special. I read some (supposedly) super popular mom blog do one of these posts and I couldn't even finish it. All I could think during the half of a post that I could make it through was " *snooooze* Give me Julia or bust."

    1. Amen to that! Some other mommy bloggers will post "funny" things their kids say and I'm just like... "uh... okay?" because Julia takes the cake.

      Anyway, what kind of material are those shoes made out of? They look almost foamy or croc-like, and I can't tell, but omg so cute.



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