7 Quick Takes

08 March 2013

Joining Jennifer Fulwiler and the masses with my 7 paragraphs. All I've got is Bachelor thoughts so we'll see how this goes. Buckle up ...

1. So the Women Tell All was basically one big ball of awkward. I'm in no position to be any sort of grammar Nazi not a single a sentence or fragment that came out of Tierra's (why no lipstick?) mouth made any sort of sense. "I took it real serious." Oh, did you? Des (Bachelorette! Bachelorette! Bachelorette!) was way too nice to her brother. If one of my brothers did that? Ex-communication forever. And then there was AshLee whom I'd like to refer to as Medusa from now on because she is evil and has interesting new hair.


Fine, her hair looked bomb and I want it to call my own. Anyway, Sean went from happy go lucky to scared puppy dog as soon as Crazy took the stage and if she's the next Bachelorette I would never but I would be tempted to boycott her season. Her biggest notfan right here.

2. We're going to stretch this into two takes. I'm a little worried about the finale (that I get to watch on Monday night thanks to my sweet friend Tami who is letting me and Theo come over!) because no one is shown in a fancy gown being proposed to OR rejected and so does Sean let one lady go a la Emily/Arie style and then the final lady throws him a typed letter and peaces? I'm not emotionally invested and I don't think about it too much nor do I text people novels about my thoughts. Don't worry. Simon watched this preview of the finale with me and pointed out that Sean says the exact same things about both girls and he about died over the Magic montage asking, "is this really happening?" Maybe I should rename the blog Camp Animal Lovers.  Jones hasn't watched the Women Tell All but I'm dying to hear her thoughts. Dying.

3. I've been letting Theo lay on the floor to get his wiggles out (side story: I used to a nanny and it was terrible but I had to take one of the little girls to a class called, "Wiggles and Giggles" - you can imagine how much fun that was for myself and the fellow nans that were asked to participate for the entirety of the 45 interminable minutes) and he enjoys looking at our version of a mobile: the ceiling fan - if I'm feeling fun I'll even turn it on. Anyway, Theo was just minding his own when Big Basher came out of nowhere and tried stuffing half a clementine down his throat. I even took a picture because I wasn't busy rescuing the runt from his first taste of solids ...

4. With Simon back on a regular schedule - this week flew by. Funny how that works. He is (of course!!!!!) working this weekend but thanks to a little Spring Forward action he'll be working one hour less than usual. He also worked overnight the weekend of Fall Back and worked the extra hour so I guess it all evens out in the end. I know, I'm struggling here. I was struggling with number 3 and I'm really struggling with number 4.

5. Let's see if I can't spice things up. I ditched my goth nails for red nails earlier this week. I went with Right Said Red. For a dollar I was pretty impressed and Julia said she "woved them" and I only aim to please her in this life.

6. & 7. Two takes .... a collage of two photos.

I tried to get a picture with all three kids because we were all sort of dressed other day and it went real good ...

I wouldn't be surprised if a certain Simon finds one of these diamonds printed and framed for Father's Day. Lucky Man.

Go see Jen (with whom I broke my "no phone calls ever" rule earlier this week - I reallllly should do that more often) for more more and MORE.


  1. Cute pictures! Can I have the one of the three of them framed? lol! Have a great weekend!

  2. Is there anything we can do to help Jones watch the Women Tell All because I just can't carry on much longer without her recap and I especially can't watch the finale before she catches up!!

  3. What a sweet picture of you and your little's!

  4. This 7 quick things take is harder to do than I thought. Muy impressed with yours as usual.

    Ceiling fan is baby johns #1 love as well. Turn it on and it's magic.

    Jones better start live tweeting soon. Idk how much longer we can allow her to be a slacker

  5. great photos.. but really.. really, i m kinda depressed and jealous looking at the pic of bash feeding theo.. cause your floor and rug and everything is so clean... whaaa.

  6. Seriously? Jones hasn't watched Women Tell All? I was wondering what her deal was...

    Where are those shoes from? Love.

  7. apologies, i just realized that comment was very awkward aaaand so i'll try this again! bachelor--this is my first season, and honestly, it's crazy pants. ashlee is scary, you are so right.
    i just started following your blog & this post got my attention. that's all!

  8. LLOOLLing at number three. Tell me a true story right now - HOW, how, how, with three babies, does your living room look like that? That rug is CLEAN. Those baskets are filled and put away. You don't have crap on your ottoman. I have ONE toddler and my entire house looks like aisles 4-12 of Target threw up all over it.

  9. I feel like those photos need a prop... maybe Julia could hold something like in this one?

  10. You are looking fly in those last pics! Basher however is looking like he is either angry at the world or modeling for a very serious cologne.
    Btw, totally lol'd at Ashlee = Medusa. Ben and I just can't stand her. We actually haven't been able to for weeks. While no one can top Oh Jones on her recaps, Lost Angeles did refer to AshLee as the Whoreganizer which is what I think she should go by from now on. She's just nasty and manipulative and mean mean mean.
    Anyway, so looking forward to the finale and next season. I'm taking a long shot and saying that Sarah is the next Bachelorette, even though I 99% think that it's Des which would be totally cool too.

  11. oh sean lowe. who will you choose? i don't know but i'll sure as heck be watching. i think the famed letter is from his mom but we'll see.

  12. LOVE Basher's face in the first one of all of you, he is DETERMINED not to look at that camera!

  13. I 100% agree on the Women Tell All. I am dying to see the finale on Monday, although I'm still kind of bitter that Des won't be there.

    I love, love, Sebastian's face in the last pictures.

  14. ok... the bachelor is my guilty pleasure. I don't want to like it... but I just do. I think Medusa is a very fitting name. Yeah her hair was an improvement but that death stare... YIKES! I also think the letter Sean gets in the finale will be from him mom but that's just speculation. I don't know who I want him to choose... I think I'm team Lindsey... idk. I guess we will see Monday!

  15. I love that you were a 7t for Jen.

  16. You need a third pic with Julia UNpeekabooing that peekaboo. Presh!

  17. So you must set a timer for these photos. That is fancy and way beyond my skills.

    And, I hope you talked to Jen about making 7 quick takes into 5 so I can stop struggling too.



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