7 Quick Takes

22 March 2013

Joining Jen and linking up with her over at Conversion Diary.

1. I got up early this morning to go get some bloodwork done before Simon went to work and the lady couldn't stop yawning and saying that she still felt half asleep.

UMMMMMMM. please wake up before you extract blood from my vein by way of a needle.  (It was fine -- not great but not awful)

Also, I took off my jacket to roll up my sleeve and ..... oh, look my dark purple shirt that I threw on in the dark is covered in spit up. I guess it was good she was half asleep because my appearance repulsed even myself.

2. Even though Daniel left last Sunday .. a few things still stick out in my mind from his visit ...

wellllll ... at least the pillow's in focus. Sorry Dan!

3. He and Simon took the kids out on Saturday morning and I showered and 'got ready for the day' and when he returned he asked ..

Daniel: oh, did you go running?
Grace: no
Daniel: oh, did you do a workout dvd or something?
Grace: no, why?
Daniel: oh ... well ... are those just your house clothes then?
Grace: shut up (and yes)

4. Then on Saturday night ... the house was too quiet so Daniel went to go check on the kids in the basement. He found Sebastian standing in the laundry room .... quiet and looking confused while he heard Julia's muffled screams coming from ........ the closed dryer.

5. This video of the kids that Dan took. I don't know why it cracks me up every time.

6. We're going to Wichita this weekend and I get to go to Simon's sister's bachelorette party. I won't tell you how many outfits I tried on that, despite my very best efforts, STILL scream "going to the grocery store to grab eggs and formula and maybe some Dora Band Aids"  ............ if you happen to be out and about in the 'ta on Saturday night and you see a blonde mom in a sheet .... that will be me.

7. Okay I still have alllllll the packing to do because I wasted my morning tearing through all of my clothes and getting mad at the internet that kept going out because I really was counting on it to babysit while I got us all ready to go.

Have a sunny weekend.

ps ... Beth left this comment on the Camp's facebook page regarding Bloglovin':

 So ... pick your poison.

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  1. Don't you love it when medical personnel make it obvious their mind is NOT on you, the patient? As a nurse, this especially annoys me. I was the first case of the morning for my third neurosurgery and there had been a tornado during the night. It's all anyone could talk about, how they hadn't gotten any sleep, were dragging their kids to the basement at 2am, etc. I was NOT feeling especially confident when they put me under, let me tell you!

  2. I'm dropping by from 7 Quick Takes. I can identify with the clothing thing... I've got a reading next week and I'm trying to figure out what to wear (since I'll be standing in front of a crowd reading a short story) that I can still nurse in (I have a two-week old baby) and what to take as a back-up shirt in case my milk leaks all over my first shirt before the end of the evening... :) Ah, the joys of motherhood! :)

  3. Aw, it's Dan!

    And i can so hear him saying that.

  4. I love that Theo is "too small" for the stroller.

  5. What is this bloglovin'? Did I miss something?

  6. OMG the dryer!! That's hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

  7. House clothes.. Yup, that's how I feel/look everyday...
    OMG the dryer thing - SCARY!!

  8. have fun at the bachelorette party!

    you can tell i'm used to my iphone taking crappy photos bc i didnt even notice your brother and theo were blurry. what kind of camera do you use? (answer later, pack now haha)

  9. The dryer is scary and funny at the same time... maybe a little bit scarier, actually. It's so great that your brother was able to visit! And I just got on bloglovin and it really is awesome.

  10. #4: I needed my laugh for the day - thank you! :)

    PS - Thanks for the blogloving recommendation! I am still holding out hope that our petition works to reverse the thinking of execs at Google.

  11. I think Dan looks great! I like his hair these days. And that video is a keeper!

  12. You said dryer and I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you. Always a winner over at camppatton! :) Also, that stroller made Theo look huge!

  13. I'm just gonna go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking: your brother's cute. Yup.

    aaaaanyway....that video kills me. I love how Theo's so chill, he's obviously used to these shenanigans by now. And I hate to admit that I laughed when envisioning the dryer scene because it's SO not funny. Growing up, the sibs and I were under the impression that we'd die if we crawled into the dryer...secret fear of mine? I'll never tell.

  14. Had I know I was going to be on your blog, I totally would have changed my Facebook picture or at least made sure my FB comment was wity in hopes of driving some of your traffic to briefly visit my blog. Oh well. Maybe next time.

    Enjoy your weekend. You deserve a great time and I'm sure you'll rock that sheet like nobody's business!

  15. LOL! I am loving #4. Just make sure he doesn't lear how to turn the dryer my brother did. My BEST hiding place ever until I was six. Then I almost died...well not really but it wasn't very pleasant for sure.

    I love your littles...just love them.


  16. I have been so tempted to stick one of the twins in the doll stroller! They would fit perfectly, but I don't want to set a bad precedent :P

    Also, I just got Cecilia up from her nap to find that she had taken off her jeans to wear a pair of the babies' pants. So when's Theo gonna start sharing with Sebastian and Julia???

  17. The guy at Target today kept giving me the countdown on how many minutes he had left to work, and "uhhh" he just wanted to go home.

    Don't ruin Target, dude. Target is a wonderful place.

  18. Well, that sucks. Just wrote an awful long, and let's pretend eloquent comment and my damn internet went out. Gahhh!!!
    Cliffnotes: Loved the vid, hope your trip is grand, prayers for your test! The end.

  19. Whatever you'll be wearing, you'll look amazing. You radiate love and fun, girl, what else do you need?

    Loved this post. I have been laughing out loud multiple times :-) Have a great weekend!

  20. My little guy is demanding three younger siblings like NOW so he can reenact that stroller scene and randomly and frequently saying "No he not can fit! He's too small!"

  21. Okay, so I totally think that Theo is going to end up looking like Basher who now I think looks like Theo. But in that picture he looks so much like Dan! Is it just me seeing that?

  22. Theo in the stroller in that video is so stinking cute. And you're making me LOL about your attire for this Bach party.

  23. you're hilarious... and so is the thought of walking in to find julia in the dryer.



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