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25 September 2010

We've got two bits of absolutely, undeniably, unbelievably unbelievable bits of going ons here at the Patton Camp today.

Firstly, know that your eyes do not deceive you. Our yield for this week was pretty impressive. I'm pretty sure the garden caught wind that we had grown and harvested a human and realized that he/she (gardens are more feminine I'm guessing?) needed to get going in the growing department. Not to be outdone by Julia the garden produced these beauties:

Secondly, thanks to a book that is worth its weight in gold to me right now:

Julia only woke up ONCE last night. UNO time-O. Go ahead and roll your eyes in your I-couldn't-care-less fashion but after her first few nights were spent waking every 19-60 minutes..this is a VERY welcome change to her/our routine. I only employed a couple of the tactics described in the book but am confident that by continuing to follow these rules carefully, we will have a much more rested, healthy and happy familia.


  1. yay! I'm so happy for you. Thank goodness the book is kicking in with some "right-now" results!!!

  2. that is SO awesome. she is a quick learner obviously. and i agree, the plants must be jealous and realize they need to kick it into high gear. a whole bunch of baby makin machines over derrr at the patton house.

  3. Catching up on your blog here.
    This book I was not told about till Gabriel was six months. darn.
    It is amazing.

  4. that is AWESOME! I think this is what Virginia used, right? Mo is a great sleeper.

  5. chase and i love that book. we only read the first chapter but still.



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