20 September 2010

While Simon and I were innocently strolling through our neighborhood. Yes, she is a Wichita native and has chosen to reside near glamorous us. She seemed to be in deep conversation with her teenage daughter who was rocking a stink eye and an all black ensemble.

This week at Camp Patton, stay tuned for:

1. the trip to the hospital that did not a baby produce but rather an ostrich egg sized dose of humility laced with embarrassment and a pamphlet entitled: "Ready, Set, Not Yet!" -- a page turner. You won't want to miss this.

2. the deets from the nicest most wonderful baby shower in the history of baby showers. I think I am the luckiest pregnant lady in the world. Photos won't do the thoughtfulness and decor justice.

*please appreciate this post as it was typed with one hand. The other hand is busy comforting my "practice" labor.



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