mission: almost impossible

15 September 2010

My sister, Emily, is a senior in college and sent me a request to complete a simple survey about her for one of her classes. See below for what the simple survey entailed:

All of the other cowards she had asked to participate had answered under the clever aliases of "anonymous" (and one "unanimous") but I was a brave lioness and tried to choose the five (wasn't tempted into choosing six) most innocuous of the bunch and follow up with an......areyouserious??? note.

All the excitement for today.


  1. I had a feeling this might pop up in your blog if I sent it to you. Was "intuitive" one of the options?

  2. why are all the options negative and mean?

  3. lol! hopefully cynical and withdrawn made the list. not because they are characteristics she possesses (i mean she could, i don't know her), but because they're just- flat out- good words!

  4. Oooooh my goodness this would be a horrible thing to have to fill out! Especially about your very own little sis! I would have picked the fewest possible and then immediately emailed and said---I don't really think that!



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