true life: I live with a hoarder

24 September 2010

and her name is Julia:

In fewer than four days she has accumulated more "necessary" gear than I ever thought humanly possible. Little diva.

But we will keep her...even if she does care about sleeping during the day rather than reading my all-important blog...


  1. haha I love it! Every time I come over I see a new swing, or lamb seat (how adorable!) Coming over soon I hope...

  2. u look SO CUTE.

    oh did you get the swing with the lamb ears?!??! only my FAVORITE ever!


  3. i love that photo of her, wrapped up in blankets.

  4. Didn't you JUST have a baby?? You look amazing Grace. When Hew was a week old, I still looked 5 mo preggo.



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