unsolicited familial candor

27 September 2010

Simon and I were so touched when my three brothers (ages 17, 15 and 13) decided to hit the road on Friday after school to come and meet their first and only niece. The drive is long and arduous from Albuquerque but in they valiantly rolled circa two in the morning on Saturday morning/Friday night. They held Julia, asked a million questions about Julia ("does it have personality traits yet?"..."does this thing kick hard?") and got to hang out with their brother-in-law, Paul. At one point, my brother Paul (age 17) had this to ask:

Paul: "not to be offensive that (pointed at my stomach) going to uh... go down?"

Grace: (eye brow raise that grazed the highest of heavens)

Paul: I mean..its a scientific question!!! I'm just curious.

Thank you for that.

Here is the little honest Abe himself with Julia. Because...I'm sure you are just dying for more photos of her being oh so exciting ....

...and on a more positive and pulse quickening note...Julia didn't wake up ONCE last night! I had to wake her up to feed her and make sure she had positive vital signs this morning. I can't sing the book's praises any louder.


  1. oh my little lady love! I love how she always has her head cocked to the side. What a cutie patootie. So glad she slept well last night!!!

  2. oh my gosh Paul!! seriously!? boys will be boys.
    I cannot believe she sleeps through the night already. Soooo genuinely happy for you! for real!

  3. hahaha hilarious!!!!

    ya Virginia said you can "moon feed" them---by just feeding them while they're mostly asleeP? is that what you did? hmm.

    You know, henry's belly DID go down in the last few months and I miss that tub. :(

  4. what a darling brother! i'm almost positive that i've gotten - and still get :( - comments like that from members of MY family.
    Oh and thanks for providing procrastination material. your blog is a blast!



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