fiesta, fiesta

28 September 2010

Yesterday was Julia's one week birthday. We decided to loosen our strict parent reins for the day and let her pick out her outfit. She insisted on pink, pink and pink:

We told her she looked like Tweedle Dee but she had her little mind set and wanted to wear this outfit. Doesn't she look pleased with herself?

She had an exciting day of visits to: Babies-R-Us, Target and the most amazing self-serve frozen yogurt establishment in all of Wichita: Orange Leaf. She wanted to hear today's hottest hits and so we let her listen to a little Bruno Mars to which she promptly yawned, kicked off her socks and thank you!

She then Skyped with her Uncle Andrew and his girlfriend Halley who are both studying in Rome this semester:

She topped off her crazy day with four whole minutes in the swing before her parents realized she probably wasn't quite old enough to be doing such a big girl activity at the tender age of one week:

...She apologizes for the onslaught of her photos that has recently taken over the blog but can't help but share one more with her parents enjoying a lovely afternoon in the park:

To see a post sans THIS RIGHT HERE to see the amazing transformation that her Aunt Mary made happen at our house recently. We are forever grateful.


  1. I love her tweedle dee get up! She has such an expressive little baby face! Hopefully we can hang out later today!

  2. Happy one week Julia. What a doll!

  3. i loved this post! photos of julia are never a bad thing. and i love the photo of fam in the guys look great.

  4. haha love it!!!
    i didn't realize andrew had a GF!!!!!! omg omg omg! how cute.

  5. She's leaning like a cholo in her swing. That's gangster.

  6. She is beautiful and you lost that belly in the blink of an eye, congrats!



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