30 September 2010

Nothing terribly exciting to report today. Our right next door neighbors mailed us a congrats card. Stamped and all. I'm sure the card appreciated the road trip but the mail man was probably less than amused.

My Sister-in-law, Mary organized meals for us using this brilliant website and we feel ultra spoiled by everyone's generosity.

I was too much of an optimist the other day and tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans. Monster Mistake.

Julia slept one million hours in a row last night. She is a wonderchild.

My new least favorite thing to do is to take Julia to the doctor..even if there are no shots involved. Will I look like an absentee, careless mother if I just send Simon?

More photos of the family featuring Julia:

Aunt Mary. Every new mom should have her around. She has been THEE biggest help:

I look ten years older than my Mom in this photo:

Father Simone:

She makes these lovely faces in her sleep. Maybe she was learning the dance to Thriller?

Enjoy your Thursday.


  1. Aunt Mary has the best hair. your mom DOES look amazing - but so do you. If you fit into your prepreg pants a week after giving birth it would be strange. and i love julia's face in the one where your mom is holding her...i spy an open mouth!

  2. bahahahahah-THRILLEEEEEEEEER! love it julia .

  3. Aww so glad you are getting spoiled with meals. We do that for the new mommas at my church. Its the best!



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