the quakes

17 September 2010

A lot of blogs do seven quick takes on Friday. Since I am fresh out of anything funny, newsworthy, exciting, entertaining cetracetracetraaa...I shall try do give you seven quakes (a marriage of quick and take...if you will)

1. My wonderful room polishing sister-in-law and old college friend design-star Anna are hosting a baby shower for baby Patton this weekend. We are both very excited and are really grateful to have such wonderful compadres here in Kansas.

2. Simon has been working/schooling like a crazyhorse lately. I am trying to learn from his ne'er a complaint attitude and stellar work ethic. I have miles and miles to go.

3. I find myself thinking about running 24 times an hour. I am hoping to channel this desire post-partum. I hope the baby enjoys jogger rides laden with a little Lady Gaga and Cascada. If not...we are in for some serious disagreements when she is merely weeks old.

4. I went to the doctor two weeks ago and she said to "get the car seat ready!"...I then went back a week later and she said "patience is a virtue!". We'll see what she says tomorrow...but I am not holding my breath for any ideal news in the making the baby an ex-utero lady department.

5. I'm still not nesting. Simon said he had read that doing laundry would surely induce labor. I genuinely believed him for an entire day...little trickster.

6. We survived a storm saturated with tornado sirens and large hail pellets on Wednesday night. I'm grasping at split straws here. Really sorry.

7. I can't muster a thing to write for a seventh...much to your waning attention span and glazed over expressions' disappointment I'm sure.

onward and upward.


  1. hahaah. this is a cool idea. i havent blogged in a week cause i feel bad that most of my blogs are pictureless. pioneer woman has set my standards too high. but perhaps i will try something like this.

  2. i just reread this and now i get why there is supposed to be 7. 7 like the days of the week. ay when will i ever learn the ropes of a blogger. How do you embed links into names and stuff?



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