15 June 2017

Someone's got a birthday today and it's not me, Simon, Julia, Sebastian, Theo, Phoebe, or Abe so that must mean it's Bosco's big day. I think he sort of gets it because he keeps flashing me a pointer finger. Toddler Einstein? You thought it first.

Bosco's had his little world rocked this past week and has definitely thrown his allegiance over into Simon's court but he's been very sweet with the, "baby! baby! baby! BABY!!" and asks to "hold! hold! hold! HOLD!" him alllll throughout the day.

I've mentioned a few dozen times that he is truck obsessed but even if I mentioned it a few hundred times I don't think I would be able to properly convey just how deep his affection and obsession runs. He's started seeing trains and cars and boats and planes on the side but his one true love remains. Trucks + Bosco FOREVER.

Obviously he's my child and I think he's super cute but I think because he says hi to anyone within a 100 yard radius he gets lots of smiles from passersby. Said enthusiasm for greetings galore also makes him the slowest walker ever - which makes up for all the times he sprints away from me while proudly yelling back, "hi Ma!!" in my direction so I'm sure to notice his antics.

He loves all of his siblings and loves nothing more than to be included when they play but he has a special bond with Julia and often pushes siblings off the couch to get a better look of photos of her hanging on the wall. They share a love of sleep and (fingers crossed I don't jinx it) has to be woken up every morning and is more than happy to go down for naps and bed at night.

His version of a tantrum these days involves him putting his forehead on the ground for a split second before he forgets what he's mad about and moves on with his day. Let's hope it stays that way.

He's got the sweetest temperament but is showing signs of his two-year-old spice SO let the games begin, "Offy" (as Phoebe logically calls him) ...

... Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Bosco! We're so happy you're ours.

Bosco's birth story here!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Bosco!! Here's to 98 more!!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Bosco!! Here is to 98 more!!

  3. He really is the cutest!! Hope Abe turns out as sweet as him :)

  4. I can't believe he is two! The days are long, but the years are short.

  5. Happy birthday to him!!


  6. Oh my he is so adorable--HI MA! Love it!

  7. I have one turning 2 in a couple of weeks. Time flies, and other clich├ęs!

    Happy Birthday to Bosco!

    || ||

  8. Can't believe he's two! Seems like just yesterday you were having him and moving to Tampa! Shades of Sebastian with the trucks!



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