jumping the weekend gun

30 June 2017

1. Original post title: jumping the Friday gun because I started this post on Thursday but we all know how those best laid plans tend to go ... SO. Weekend gun jumping it is.

2. I managed to leave the house twice with kids in tow this week and my big takeaway is/was that I will forever miss the minivan's sliding doors. We upgraded (or downgraded - depending on who you talk to) to a suburban and even the kids are having a tough time with the transition as they all call it, "the new van" (despite it being 12 years old just like "the old van"). Anyway, I've found myself getting a little bit frustrated at how little I've been able to get done or the state of the house (hurricane meets tsunami) by 8:03 in the am but then I remind myself that Abe isn't even three weeks old and force a figurative chill pill down the hatch. I've never looked back at the newborn days and thought, "I wish I'd cleaned/stressed/done MORE" so -- chill pills for all. Or all for me.

I think Abe is good on the chill front.

3. I have managed to do some reading this week and finished The Identicals which I've decided wasn't my favorite Elin book? Which means I still liked it but it just wasn't up to par with her others - in my esteemed opinion. I started The Shark Club (the author is the daughter of Sue Monk Kidd who wrote The Secret Life of Bees) and so far - so great. I'll let you know how I like it when I finish it though. Also, I was SO excited to get a copy of the Blessed Is She planner in the mail yesterday. It's gorgeous and super intuitive and makes me really excited to get my life together. In August.

4. I can't believe we are already down to just six guys left on Rachel's season (but um - I've heard pretty much zero words from Matt and Adam .... may as well be four?) and I'm still on Team Peter. And Dean. And Eric. I'm just not a fan of Bryan. At all. I kind of like Peter for Bachelor and Sharleen pointed out that he could potentially be less into her as she is into him? Things that'll keep you UP AT NIGHT.

5. L-l-l-l-ast call for this sidewalk sale full of clearance goodness. I wish they carried newborn sizes but I know Abe will fit into the 0-3 month stuff just as soon as a blink so I think we'll allllll survive.

Here he is in a 0-3 month tee. Funny story - I took this photo before I ran to the store with the girls and while I was gone Simon texted me the exact same photo that he'd taken of our little cherub. Great minds, great minds.

6. I know it's WAY overhyped by almost everyone but I'm still hoping this gorgeous top and these cute (and seemingly comfy) shoes go on sale during the upcoming (and overhyped) anniversary sale. I saw someone wearing the sandals on Instagram (I've become that person) and fell in love. With the shoes. Not the shoe wearer. Also, 1/2 off everything (even clearance stuff!) at LOFT right now with code: SPARKLER. If you need cute but inexpensive sunglasses - theirs are the best bang for your buck, says I. ALSO ALSO 1/2 off everything over here as well! Yes, even clearance (again) with code: FOURTHFUN.

7. As Simon handed Julia a container of Costco-bought cinnamon rolls for her last-day-of-camp party this morning she was quick to tell us that so and so was bringing, "HOMEMADE blue and red rice crispy treats" (with no hint of jealousy/malice - or if so she hid it well) so I've got big plans to make HOMEMADE watermelon star cutouts for the 4th. Look out.

Happy Fourth of July - if I don't talk to you before then :)

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  1. I have The Identicals packed for our beach vacation next week- if you like that setting you should definitely check out Jane Green's Sunshine Sisters and The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner :) - Love that "comma" newborn baby pose Abe has perfected. He is so sweet!

  2. The single greatest thing about my kids' preschool is that everything MUST be store-bought. Homemade treats are not allowed since they have some severe allergies. Makes this mama's heart soar (not the allergies part... the no pinterest-inspired homemade items allowed part).

  3. Abe is adorable and I finally took the plunge and bought the blessed is she planner. Really hoping I will suddenly become super organized because of it!

  4. I agree about The Identicals. It was enjoyable enough to read but not my favorite of hers (mine are The Blue Bistro and The Island). I just picked up The Shark Club (and 5 more...) at the library today and looking forward to it!

  5. So cute!!!
    Chicken legs ;)

    || ||

  6. Hola Grace, question- why the up/downgrade to the suburban may I ask? I'm guessing carsest configurations? Just curious. We're about to have our third and all still in car seats and thinking about a suburban only for the 4 wheel drive....... (we live on gravel in mountains) but I just don't think I can part with my dearly DEARLY loved van?!?! And yesssss don't worry about the messes/easy dinners/laundry/etc :-) high five sister, you are my hero xoxo

    1. our van only sat seven people - we needed something to seat eight :)

  7. Just curious how you have time to read! I only have two littles and I dearly miss reading. my downtime is spent cleaning, laundry, cooking (and sometimes a nap!). I'm hoping you have some secret algorithm :)

    PS Abe is sooo sooo sweet!

  8. Did any of your other children have dark hair as babies? They're all so light but Abe seems to be rocking so dark locks. He has such good hair. It looks so soft!



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