08 June 2017

1. Throwing it back to Mother's Day 2k17 because while deleting photos off my phone I just really felt like this one needed to live in blog infamy. Theo's winning smile, my chipmunk cheeks, Bash's photo ready pose, Bosco's dgaf attitude, etc ... I do have to sing the praises of my maternity dress (that is ALSO nursing friendly) that Mayarya sent and I love. The sleeves really seal the deal for me.

2. If you aren't following the Camp over on Facebook or Instagram you might've missed that Lily Jade is giving away a diaper bag of your choice (!!!) over on this post from the fall. Scroll to the bottom of said post and enter away!

3. Bachelor, bachelor! Simon watched with me this week and shared my confusion over the whole Eric situation, "it just seems to be edited poorly - what are they trying to get at?" but we both agreed Lee needs to GO (especially in light of the tweets that were recently uncovered) and good riddance to Lucas and Blake + Blake's diet. As always, I loved Sharleen's insights and was SO happy to hear Ben on Juliet Litman's podcast this week. I do have to say that I heart Rachel - best bachelorette of all time? PERHAPS! Perhaps.

4. books! I'm still reading China Rich Girlfriend -- it's dragging a teeny tiny bit and I'm joining Simon's book club he is in with his college friends (they Skype once a monthish) with this book because Simon said it involves "romance" and he thinks I might like it. But then he admitted last nght that he's halfway through and it's kind of boring - great sell. Can't wait to dive in!!

5. I've hunted and gathered all of the ingredients to make this fluffy slime with the older kids but haven't gone through with it yet. I will! I will. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day when Simon is around ...

6. On the steal/sale front I noticed that this bell sleeve poplin top was just marked 40% off (love the slightly longer length - so many croppy shirts lately) -- it's SO pretty. Also - super limited sizes and colors but these cat flats that both of the girls loved/love are 47% off over here. And finally! If you're in the market for a Father's Day Fitbit - there's some great deals to be had over on Amazon at the moment. You know how I feel about them ...

7. I somehow finagled Simon into watching Me Before You tonight so off we trot. Or sit, I guess.

Happy (almost) Friday!!

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  1. Have you listened to the Rose Buddies podcast? I don't watch the show even, but I love it (and their other podcasts so I may be biased).
    Also, your family is the cutest!

  2. Absolutely BEST bachelorette of all time. I might even go with best lead of all the time. She had me at "get the f*ck outta here" in the gym when scrunchy girlfriend showed up.

  3. I think Sebastian wins the Internet for all time with that pose. #nailedit

  4. SLIME.... UGH!! I live in a house with an 11 and 9 year old girl, they want to make slime all.the.time.....
    Good Luck... sometimes it works and sometimes its a terrible failure and mess!!! I have stopped getting involved and leave it for an activity to be done with babysitters and grandmas!! ;-) May the force be with you!!!

  5. Books- have you read Eligible by Curtis Sittenfield yet? It's a modern take on Pride and Prejudice and it's just really fun.

  6. I loved Bel Canto, but it is more of a character-development book. Just so you know. :)

    Will you share where those shoes are from? I am on the hunt for some tan wedges just now!

  7. I just watched Me before you the other day (thanks Amazon prime video.) Did you read A Man Called Ove?? They made that until a movie in Sweden and I just watched that as well. Kinda makes me want to read it again.

  8. Bel Canto is AWESOME!! Such a great book - definitely give it a go! Also, thank you so much for the recommendation and reminders on the AE huarache flats - wearing my $17 pair right now!

  9. That bell sleeve top is amazing! I just ordered one for myself!


  10. Bel Canto was good. But a slow read. A little surprised that Simon's book club is reading it!



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