seven things

23 June 2017

1. I've got about a million (or five) blog posts I would love to sit down and pound out (birth story included) but I'm enjoying taking it as easy as possible while not letting the laundry pile up to our lashes and making sure everyone adjusts to life with a new baby accordingly. I'll be back in regular blogging action in no time, like it or not.

Abe is anxious for my return.

2. Overall, everything is going well thanks to Abe being a champ of a night time sleeper, Simon having some time off, and my standards bar staying nice and low (lower ... lower ... lower ... THERE! that low).

Mom's glasses, Abe's paci, and 1/10 of his truck book collection - a simple man with simple needs.

3. A wonderful article on how Joy is doing these days (and a big Happy Birthday to her mom today!!)

4. I haven't made a ton of headway on my current book (although I am enjoying it) but Simon and I watched Age of Adaline and Captain Fantastic this past week and were pleasantly surprised by both (I'd especially recommend Captain Fantastic :)).

5. Did you see my play kitchen makeover on IG? I'm going to blog about how I did it and alllll the things I'd do different but the original kitchen is on crazy sale right now just in case your life has a big fat play kitchen hole that needs to be filled ...

6. Extra 50% off clearance at J.Crew Factory right now with code: CLEAROUT

7. and!! Primary (quality baby/toddler/kid basics - we are big fans) is having a sidewalk sale and new customers can get an additional 25% off with code: welcome 25

and that's all she typed. over the course of three hours. Mavis Beacon would be so proud.

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  1. He's such a cutie! (Well both of them are!) I'm impressed by the dark hair ~ I only remember the other kids as being blondies like you. Maybe he's taking after Simon? Maybe I just can't remember? Congratulations to you all!

  2. Your family is cute, cute, cute! And your comedic writing skills have me laughing every time! I grew up in Clearwater (now living in Kentucky) and I always look forward to seeing your pictures, hoping to catch glimpses of those palm trees that I miss so much.

  3. Abe is SO cute! And where did you find his adorable little shorts??

  4. Haha Mavis Beacon....where are you now, old friend? :) Abe is such a cutie!

  5. Love the glasses! Abe is such a cutie :)
    So glad to hear you're doing well. Take your time, sweet mama!

  6. Thank you for linking to the story on how Joy is doing. I prayed hard for her and I am so moved by the outcome. I love your blog, btw. Don't ever stop! I love every post! :)

  7. ah such a lovely post. Im due in 3 weeks so loving reading these kind of posts! x

  8. Beautiful baby! Thanks for blogging and posting! Love these pics!

  9. That picture of Bosco in your glasses is so sweet!
    We loved Captain Fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it might have been overhyped, but I recommend it to everyone.

  10. The play kitchen is so cute. So are the boys. And Joy, wow. Thank God!!!

  11. LOL Mavis Beacon. Good grief I remember my mom buying me that to learn how to type "correctly."



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