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03 June 2017

1. You know I was tempted to dedicate an entire post to our inaugural summer beach trip ...

... but I didn't. I was kind of dreading taking Bosco since I thought he'd just sprint into the water with me waddling behind but he was only interested in ruining strangers' sand castles which felt like the lesser of two evils at the time. Also, the irony is not lost on me that the youngest is the only one not wearing a floatation device - but again, only one not touching the water.

2. Onward. Let's dive right into the important stuff a la Bachelor. Praise the good Lord Jones is back on the recap scene. I also thoroughly enjoyed Ashley I + Ben Higgins' podcast this week ALONG with Kaitlyn's. I'll actually be starting one next week myself. JK.

But, boy was I wrong on DeMario. Oops! I'm still all about Peter and she seemed to be really into Dean but he is seven years her junior (maybe not an issue) and I'm hoping Kenny gets more air time next week. I know I'm not alone in hoping that Lucas goes all the way. JK x 2.

As always, I love Sharleen's insights and I'm so glad she's posting on Flare and her personal blog. Franchise fanatic forever.

3. I'm guessing you saw this floating around Facebook this week but it gave me a good chuckle (language warning). And much more importantly - hopefully you saw this too - grab your tissues.

4. I'm still reading China Rich Girlfriend but I couldn't help myself and preordered the new Elin Hildebrand book -- SO excited to read it.

5. Hopefully I'm not the only one that's been impatiently waiting for over a year for these to come back in stock? Bonus! They're an extra 20% off with code: SWEET.

6. This sale is still going strong for 1.5 more days - I was REALLY hoping this pretty number would magically get added to the sale but - nope. Maybe later in the summer. Also, I'm totally that mom already scouring sales for school shoes already since I waited until the last minute last year and regretted it big time. Lots to choose from (dress code depending, though!).

7. I was really happy and very pleasantly surprised to see that Everlane added a bunch of kids' styles to their "choose what you pay" section because well, duh. I just had to bid a temporary farewell to my favorite tee of theirs but can't wait to make its acquaintance again in a few (several? most likely) weeks time.

Alright, I'm off to finish up my last (I promise this time, Simon) pre-baby painting project. Gird your excitement.

Happy Weekend.

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  1. That millennial article was HILARIOUS...the language was totally appropriate...LOL!!!

  2. Thank you for the city of saints link ! I ended up watching them all! So beautiful :)



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