05 June 2017

This is going to be all over the place. But we'll start with a guest bathroom selfie. Woo to the HOO.

I've been staunchly anti-ruched shirt but can't seem to stop wearing this one along with my last fitting pair of jeggings. Day after day after day after day.

+ Isn't it funny how you can fixate on a due date for nine months but then forget it semi-shortly afterward? I tried really hard to remember all the kids' due dates and and if I was successful this is when everyone came on the earth side scene:

Julia: 38w2d
Sebastian: 39w5d
Theo: 37w
Phoebe: 38w3d
Bosco: 38w2d

SO! I fully expect this baby to break the mold and go the post due date distance.

+ I'm still thinking boy but only because this pregnancy has felt so similar to Bosco's (which felt similar to Julia's which is why I thought he was a girl so .... ) but maybe that's because the timeline/time of year is almost identical. I don't KNOW. We'll see, won't we? I took the girls to get our nails done (their little lives were MADE) over the weekend and ALL the nail gals said I was definitely having a boy so, will they be right? I don't know.

+ Maybe it's because of my age (34 this summer - not ancient but not a gestating spring chicken) or because it kind of felt like I went through two first trimesters due to the miscarriage but it's definitely been the hardest pregnancy by far (but, do I always think that? I might) and have been reliant on naps and lots of walks and popsicles to keep me afloat. But, on the flip side - not that we've never been super excited for a new baby but with the kids being a little older and seeming to "get it" this time around - I feel like the family as a whole is the most excited we've ever been for a new baby. So - it all evens out, right? Right.

+ I think I'm making up for a lack of any realistic nesting with Bosco since we were in that wonderful transitional high rise apartment when he was born but I've been on a nesting/deep cleaning spree for a few months now. Julia has caught on and diligently folds all of her and Phoebe's blankets every morning and it got to the point that Phoebe was even scared to sleep under her covers (we set her straight, worry not) because she knew Hurricane Julia would be blowing through bright and early. Simon sent me a picture of Sebastian Swiffering the top of the piano a few weeks ago and it was the teeniest wakeup call that maybe (just maybe!) mama G needs to chill.

+ We're still not settled on names but I think we've got some solid short lists to fish from on the way to the hospital. Does that stop me from scouring Kate's site at 3am every other night? NO.

+ I spent the majority of Friday in the hospital for a suspected DVT (and no, no DVT - thankfully) because my right leg swelled so bad that my ankle was spilling over my shoe (I know! gross imagery, I'm sorry) and it was tingling and for the first time ever I'm dealing with pretty ugly varicose veins (just in my right leg ... so far) and then I realized that I hadn't felt the baby move all morning and it was a bit of a cluster but all was well and the nurses and doctors were SO nice and it made me a lot less apprehensive about delivering in a new hospital with an unknown on-call attending (just how the practice works - not complaining)

+ You know what? I could go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r but I won't. I will say this has just been the pregnancy of the everything. The pregnancy of the nap, the misery, the joy, the veins (lol but it's true), the worst nausea, the craziest dreams, and the greatest anticipation. I had an ultrasound while I was getting checked out on Friday and the baby was already measuring seven pounds, fourteen ounces. My biggest baby was Sebastian who was seven pounds and thirteen (twelve? no, I think thirteen) ounces so - that was fun to hear. Ultrasounds can be way off but Simon says studies have shown the way the mom feels is really the best "gauge" and this mom says this baby IS the biggest. With two plus weeks to go. :)

That's all. For now. You know I'll keep you all in the loop like I always do. Thanks for sticking around (if you have!)



oh! these are fun comments to read and here are all the birth stories THUS FAR :)


  1. I just typed up a whole comment and then accidentally signed out (#genius) but wanted to say that I love this update and it's so fun to read and keep up. I feel like Tania at 28 weeks with her first child looks like Grace Patton full-term with her seventh but I'm going to let that one slide :)
    I have so much appreciated your awesome pregnancy links, reflections, and advice, and am sending so much love and light during the last few weeks!

  2. I still can't believe we have the same due date! I'm feeling the same as you--ugh the TED hose are life right now. Hang in there--we are so close!

  3. Ugh! The great name debate! It's still alive and well here too! Nameberry, Kate's, Pinterest, Facebook pleas-all on my nightly name hunt radar! We have a list of roughly 7 that we like/love/can live with but nothing in stone that we agree on yet! This is the first time I know what I'm having and the longest baby has been unnamed (how??!?).

    You look great! Sending best wishes, happy birthing vibes, and prayers for family and baby to sunny Florida! Xo

  4. Grace, you really look amazing! So glad it wasn't DVT. Summer pregnancies are rough on the bod. Prayers he or she comes soon and safely.

  5. Why does your 38+w look like my 25w?

    Can't wait to see this bebe!!

  6. You look amazing! I love hearing all your pregnancy and birth stories. I had my second baby in January and ended up at the hospital to rule out DVT around 39 weeks too. Whee. Good luck with #6! Can't wait to hear gender, story, name, and all those fun things. We always go for the delivery surprise too!

  7. Always sticking around. Your family is amazing. I had my last baby at almost you are young.

  8. I had a miscarriage between my 2nd and 3rd and my 3rd (out of 4--so novice compared to you) was my "worst" one too. I think before the mc I just thought I would pop babies out easy peasy--and the loss of my baby made the reality of loss very very real to me--just adding to the stress and worry that #3 would be healthy and carried to term. Good luck, mama on the next couple weeks, days, hours? Can't wait to hear the update of a new Patton baby!

  9. I'll echo some previous comments --- your 38+ weeks looks like my 25 weeks! :D But! I know that doesn't mean it doesn't FEEL like 45 weeks. ;) Best wishes for the next two weeks (or maybe earlier?!).

  10. Grace, I am so glad you posted-- you are always the most stunning pregnant lady! I will be thinking of and praying for you tons in the coming weeks (hopefully days :))!!!

  11. I'm 38 weeks and one day today :) It's my second pregnancy, I delivered at 37 weeks with my first! ANYWAYS, I've loved following along with your pregnancy (you've felt like my preggo buddy!) sending you good wishes for a healthy delivery, baby and momma!

  12. Loved this little update! For whatever unintentional reason I stopped reading blogs for what now seems like almost a full year, and I had been reading yours since Theo was born! Anyway, it's fun to be back and just in time for another little babe! Wishing you the best in these next days and weeks!

  13. I have been following since before Theo was born and I feel like there is maybe a pattern where you throw up a hospital bag post, and then one like this, mere seconds before giving
    birth? So I've got my hopes up now for the arrival any second ;) I say boy. But you make beautiful children of each gender and are such a lovely Mum. Prayers for this special time for your family.

  14. My OB kept telling me my second was bigger than my first (that I needed a c-section to deliver all 9lbs, 4 oz of) so needless to say I was terrified.
    At my final ultrasound they estimated him to be 10 lbs, 6 oz (at 38w, 5 days) so I jumped at the chance to have a scheduled c-section 4 days later.

    He had other plans though, because he arrived fast and furious two days later after only 65 minutes of labour (at a hospital that doesn't deliver babies!!!) - thankfully only 8lbs, 7 oz.

    Babies are such a mind trip.

  15. Well I was totally wrong on the weight guess with my third. I had him at 39+3 this past Sunday and he was the smallest of our three. I was expecting a full pound heavier! It is so hard to guess!!

  16. Oh, God loves me - solidarity, Grace! Just had my 37w3d US on Wed and MY baby is measuring 7 lbs 14 oz too!!! I knew this one might be a big one (my first three ranged from 7-10 to 9 even) but I just wanted it to say under 8 - we squeaked in. Anyway, being 36-going-on-the-next-number (I hate odds!) and first rainbow baby here, it's been a ride for sure, but I love me some gestation until we hit the end. "The end" has come much more quickly this time - and I'm hoping to evict this one by due date if at all possible. We shall see. Was a nice consolation to read your exact same estimated weight (even if you are a week ahead of me, lucky!!!) - happy birthing!!! (Now if only some of your nesting habits could rub off...) ;)

  17. Moira is a great name for a baby girl😉



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