Joy, miracles, and more

06 January 2017

1. First and foremost thank you for all of your prayers and love for Joy! I put the latest update on the blog post but she's awake! She seems to be doing well and is breathing on her own! Your prayers are greatly appreciated as she continues to heal over the following weeks and months.

2. Speaking of (much lesser) miracles ...

If you watched the video of Diego's arrival you'll know that Phoebe was formerly very afraid of any and all dogs. Funnily enough, Diego isn't a fan of other dogs (the smaller the scarier) at the moment so these two make the perfect pair. It will be interesting to see if Phoebe is still deathly afraid of my mom's (not scary) Corgi in February when we go to New Mexico. Is this the most exciting paragraph you've read all year? I'm going to assume YES. But, I'm so grateful he's a fan of walks now because as much as fun as pushing him in the stroller WAS ... he needs his exercise (I think, I'm not a dog expert).

3. Do you have any great 2017 goals/resolutions you want to share with a goal killer? I resolved not to be late for commitments/school/etc but have already failed miserably less than one week into my noble quest. I'm not giving up though. The year is young and my standards aren't lowering. Yet.

4. It's been a couple weeks since I've shared my literary feats which is probably for the best because nothing has really stood out. At all. I read It Ends with Us which was quick and easy and intense but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. I really want to read some Kate Morton since so many people seem to love her books. Simon is reading All the King's Men for his book club and he keeps saying how well written it is so maybe I'll give it a stab as well.

5. I mentioned that I ordered some of this makeup in December and have to report back that I'm a big fan. The boy brow, balm dotcom, and eyeliner especially. They claim their one nail polish shade is universally flattering and being the polish slooze that I am - I might have to test that claim. I just might.

6. I'm not sure how I made it all the way down to numero cinco without mentioning the Bachelor but it's 2017 and anything is possible, I guess. Simon bought me an antenna for Christmas so I get the watch in real time this season (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) without camping out on the treadmill at the gym for two hours. My life is forever changed. I have to agree with Sharleen's top picks but add in Sarah (runner up girl - I thought it was a cute entrance). This deserves it's own take because my girl, A. Jones recapped night one which MADE MY LIFE. Even if you don't watch the show - her recaps are comedic platinum. I hope and pray she recaps the entire season.

7. It seems like the New Year sales (are those a thing? I guess so) are still going strong but the best I've seen is 60% off clearance right on over here. Everything seems to be pretty well stocked (this blouse I mentioned a few weeks ago is marked down from $60 to $15 and all sizes are available) and while stores seem to be eager to roll out spring styles I know much of the country is still very entrenched in warm weather clothing so it works out well. Also, if you're still in the market for the perfect pair of ankle boots - these are 30% off and so, so cute.

Alright, I could go on for five more takes but I'll stop HERE. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy Epiphany!


  1. Wow, glad Joy is continuing to improve. Great news about Phoebe and Diego. Thanks for pointing out that awesome sale!!

  2. Wonderful news about Joy! Glad to hear she is progressing. I continue to include Joy, her family and caregivers in my prayers.

  3. I own All The Kings Men and put in a solid 6 weeks of reading but I'm not sure I even made it a third of the way through. I LOVE classic literature and read at least a book a month but I couldn't get in the groove. It's on my books-I-need-to-finish shelf and I think I'll give it another go.

  4. Praise God for Joy's miraculous recovery! We will continue to pray!!

    Also, thanks for the Loft heads' up! Two blouses ordered for under $30!!! Happy New Years to meeeee!

  5. And Sharleen's recap!!! I don't know if I'm more excited for the season or the recaps! I especially love hers for this season bc she's friends with Nick! Should be good!

  6. I was just thinking about that make-up after you had mentioned it previously! I'm going to try the boy brow and polish; thanks for updating!

  7. 1) Thank you so much for the update on Joy! Please continue to post updates; I am praying for that sweet baby and her family.

    2) as a conniseur of all things bachelor I assume you're already reading Lincee's recaps but on the off chance that you're not, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta:


  8. love love LOVE Kate Morton! I like some better than others...but my favorite of hers so far is Lake House.

  9. I love Kate Morton too! She's a little slow in the beginning but stick with her novels, they get good! Lake House was also my favorite, but The Secret Keeper is a close second

  10. All the kings men is my favorite book of all time! Required reading from12th grade English and I bless my teacher for it. Even though i was the only nerd in my class who actually read it. 😂



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