02 January 2017

(birth story to accompany that rough looking newborn face right here!)

Between sweet Joy's accident and having guests in town - Theo's birthday sort of got overlooked on his actual birthday (12/30) on the blog. We did celebrate and he had a wonderful day though, I assure you. I know it's not a popular parenting opinion but I'm always a little bit sad to say goodbye to three because I love three year olds (it's two year olds that we seem to struggle with around here) and Theo was no exception. We'll still love him now that he's four though, I GUESS.

While he can throw down an impressive temper tantrum he also maintains a pretty agreeable and adorable (he's my offspring - of course I think that) demeanor. Theo always has a lot to say and is always up for a good debate/compromise session with his parents over, "one more cookie?!" or, "just ONE show" and has been known to show up at my bedside circa 3:50 in the morning with a cup in hand thinking maybe he can trick me into sleepwalking into the kitchen to make him some chocolate milk (false, Theodore, false!). He's always dramatic about smells and sticks a finger inside each nostril and makes a big scene if the aroma du jour is not to his liking.

Theo recently started collecting rocks (pieces of broken asphalt from our street) and the other kids know to hide the prized collection when they really want to get under his skin.

When he's scared or hears something he thinks could be scary he says, "oh dear!" and it cracks me up like the mom that I am.

He likes to "fly" everywhere he goes ...

... complete with sound effects but he's always happy to take any empty spots in the stroller when we are out and about on walks.

If I wasn't ready for a kid to go to preschool it would have to be Theo because he's such a homebody like his mom but I know he'll love it (in seven months, let's not get ahead of ourselves, G-unit). While Julia and Sebastian are always quick to tell me how much they hate rest time at school I have every faith that Theo will be its BIGGEST fan. Homeboy loves his sleep.

And Diego, and food, and quality time with Mom and Dad, and food, and his siblings. Most of the time.

Happy happy (belated) birthday Theo! Thank you for being the easygoing middle child that you are!


  1. Oh he is so sweet!! Happy Birthday!

  2. It makes me happy to see you like the 3s! My son is just about 3 months younger (4 in March) and I'm so enjoying his current stage. Not always easy at all but for the most part he's a joy and fun to be around!

  3. So cute! My son did the flying arms for a couple years, too, and just recently stopped. :-(

    Happy Birthday, Theo!

  4. This is great! It's nice finding out more about the kids quirks and personalities. Sweet Theo. :)



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