20 January 2017

1. One of these days I'll stop rapid fire posting photos of the kids + Diego but today is not that day, sadly. We did learn the unfortunate lesson to not take Diego on walks while there is track practice going on at the park near our house. Diego tried to outrun all of the runners and I'm convinced that we could've attached him to a covered wagon filled to the brim with the Pattons and he would've had us home in eight seconds flat. Homedog does not like crowds of strangers especially those that are sprinting towards him. I can't blame him but never again - or, not for a long, long time.

2. If you're as much of a birth story fiend as I am -- you will thoroughly enjoy Nell's most recent. And then you'll want to send her a life size trophy and a lifetime's supply of her favorite confection.

3. I took your appreciated Kate Morton advice and started The Secret Keeper and am liking it a whole lot more than The House at Riverton. The Couple Next Door also just came off the looooong library wait list so I might have to try to tackle that on the side this week too. We'll SEE.

4. I felt like (aside from the obligatory Corinne drama) this week redeemed itself after last week in Bachelor land. Or, at the very least - Vanessa's date did. I don't doubt that editing plays a big fat role in that show but (make fun of me if you must!) I was almost touched when Nick cried on their date. However, I can see her not sticking around if he keeps up the Corinne-like shenanigans. As always, I LOLed my way through Ashley's recap and loved both of Sharleen's posts on the episode (blog recap and Flare recap). I'm still hoping we see more from Rachel, Sarah, and Whitney. Time will tell, won't it?

5. I keep kicking myself because one of the reasons I even wrote this post was because I wanted to pass along how much I'm loving my phone charger. Yes, it's a wild life. Maybe you don't struggle with shredded and/or short cords like I do but this bad boy has solved all of the above problems. Again, wild!

6. I'm not in the market for new tennis shoes but if I were these pale pink (beige? they look pale pink to these aged ages) Nikes would be at the tippy top of my list. Hopefully the pink sneaker trend sticks around for just a little bit longer.

7. On the worthwhile sale front: J.Crew is offering 40-60% off their clearance section and I think my favorite top would have to be this one despite not really being a pink person. Their swimsuit sale selection is decent and worth scouring before the full price suits hit the racks in a few months (weeks?!) time.

I think Simon is finally hooked on the Crown so off we predictably trot!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. awwww girl--you know i LOVE birth stories too!! :)

  2. I just finished Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden and it was great. Better than any of her other books I've read.

  3. I just finished Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden and it was great. Better than any of her other books I've read.

  4. Yeah, I could not get into The House at Riverton. I need to read The Secret Keeper and next up, you need to try The Forgotten Garden! So good!

  5. The Couple Next Door is one of those books that I'm still not sure if I loved or hated. I'm curious to read what you think about it.

  6. No judgment on the phone charger. I have bamboo Kleenex box covers in my amazon cart.



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