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18 January 2017

Simon was out of town quite a bit last week for business and pleasure so in between trips we were able to steal a little time for an in-home lunch date.

We fed the kids early (so that they could go right down for naps while we ate) and got to work on my favorite Blue Apron meal of all time (and I've tried many many many of their meals!) ... the Sweet Potato and Green Chile Quesadillas with Arugula & Avocado Salad.

Over Thanksgiving when Simon's family was visiting my sister-in-law (married to Simon's younger brother) said that one thing Patton men excel at is their quesadillas so I went ahead and handed Simon the reins ...

the master and his craft.

Of course while we/he were getting everything ready we had plenty of "help" afoot ...

One of the things I love most about Blue Apron is that it gives me ideas for future meals to make and add to our embarrassingly predictable rotation. We are big fans of green chile in this house but would I have ever thought to throw them in a quesadilla with sweet potatoes? No. Never.

Simon told me to "act natural" while chopping ... couldn't do it. I wasn't cut out for the stage. And that's okay.

In the sad event that you've never heard of Blue Apron let me give you a quick rundown on what it is exactly!

+ Blue Apron is a wonderful service that delivers farm fresh ingredients right to your doorstep, in the correct portions, along with beautiful chef-designed recipes to create the most delicious meals
+ there are two plans: the 2-person plan and the family plan and everything arrives in a refrigerated box (it stayed impressively cool last summer on our porch in the Florida heat!)
+ They are currently working toward developing a sustainable food system and uses very high quality ingredients
+ Blue Apron has a huge selection of recipes and is always adding to their rotation every week
+ There's absolutely no commitment and you can skip or cancel at any time
+ All of their meals are between 500-800 calories per serving and take up to 40 minutes to prepare (usually less - in our experience!)
+ Blue Apron offers a recycling program that you can learn more about here!

Look out! Simon's getting artsy on us.

And the final product ...

I was most looking forward to those quesadillas but the salad proved to be a very dark horse with its warm shallot dressing that I want to eat with every meal for ever and ever. And ever.

Simon admitted that he was skeptical going into the meal because he's a self professed, "meat and sauce guy" (his words) of which there was none but said he was proven wrong because he agreed it was our best Blue Apron meal to date. He even went to store on his own accord yesterday and bought everything we needed to recreate the entire meal. And Diego who is partial to dog food, high chair droppings, and all meat - is looking at my plate longingly (stage right).

Want to try it out? You should! The first 50 readers to click and order through this link will get three meals for FREE.

And if you'd like to get inspired you can look through Blue Apron's amazing recipes (no charge, of course) right on over here.

Thank you for reading a big thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post!


  1. Love this. We were given their cookbooks for Christmas. So much fun to try a new recipe. Blue Apron for the win!

  2. This sounds, and look so good! How many meals do you have to order? I am always worried that there will not be enough food to feed all my hungry hungry hippos.

  3. That meal looks spectacular!! And you might think I'm being weird but I love seeing more of your house in the pictures that show how your rooms flow. You've posted pics of individual rooms but seeing the kitchen, for example, in relation to the living room sort of thrilled me. I don't know why. lol. I've always loved looking at floor plans. On another note, your calendar in the kitchen shows February?

    1. ha! the kids smeared play-doh all over January :)



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