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28 January 2017

1. sometimes I can't resist the super cheesy graphic tee ...

sue me. Or him - he's the one happily wearing it.

2. It was a slow week over here at the e-camp but at the tangible camp things were hopping. Kind of. I resorted to frozen pizza for dinner no times (a first since 2010?) and am tackling my biggest and stupidest painting project to date. And I still have another set to go. I'm hoping to be done by June but that might even be too optimistic, honestly. You know I'll keep you posted every step of the bleeping way :)

3. I also finished both The Secret Keeper and The Couple Next Door. The Secret Keeper did pick up at the end but had a very (very) slow beginning and middle. But, it was quite the surprise ending that almost made me want to go back and reread a whole slew of chapter (spoiler - I didn't). The Couple Next Door was quick and easy but disturbing and also boasted a surprise ending I didn't see coming. Simon kept saying it must be a good book because he kept catching me sneak away to read in the evenings but I just wanted to know what happened! Which I guess makes for a good book - I don't know. I'm onto Small Admissions because I wanted something a little lighter this week. Although, I might also listen to The Lakehouse while I sand and paint and paint AND paint.

4. I think Jones outdid herself with this week's recap - it's a gem you don't want to miss. Sharleen's thoughts are always a treat too! I saw a preview (so, not a spoiler) that Corinne and Taylor go on a two-on-one this week (shocker, ABC!) and my money is on Taylor? But, we'll see! We shall see.

5. If you've got a case of the January blues - head on over to Julie's YouTube because she's got you covered. And will make you laugh - I promise. LOVE her.

6. Every now and again Old Navy really hits the nail on the fashion head and such is the case with this dress. I tried it on on a whim while I was in the store and was pleasantly surprised. It's not maternity but will work well for several more weeks but would look great as non-maternity as well (since well, it isn't) and would look cute with tights/leggings and boots or wedges or whatever you fancy. Good going, ON.

7. You'll be as shocked as I am to know that LOFT is offering 40% off all regular styles and 60% off all sale styles at the moment. You'll also be shocked to know that I love this peplum tank and this peplum sweater. Shocks all around (but seriously, I've been eying that sweater for a LONG time).

8. Bonus birth story take! Abby's is a goody that you don't want to miss!

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Happy Saturday!


  1. You're so right about that dress! I bought it in a different pattern last Sept and am 23 weeks preg. It's my favorite! That blue pattern is really pretty.

  2. I wore three patterns of that Old Navy dress until the very end of my most recent pregnancy. It was perfect with leggings!

  3. I just finished Small Admissions and enjoyed it. A little drawn out at times, perhaps, but overall a good read!

  4. Totally ordered the navy sweater from Loft!!

  5. I think this might be the perfect casual black summer dress. And $7...?!?! Yes please!!

  6. I think I accidentally commented on this post instead of the other. Dumb Feedly. Ignore! 😜

    Cute coat for my almost 7 year old! Love thredup!

  8. Love thredup! Our budget just doesn't allow for me to fill up my closet with goodies now. Would love this for my daughter!

  9. I thought this was pretty cute for my little girl!

  10. Woohoo! I got a birth story shoutout! Thanks, Grace!



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