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29 July 2016

Okay. It's way way WAY after midnight and we leave for the airport in a couple of hours but I'm giving myself ten minutes while the last load (not to be confused with the last three loads that I swore were ALL thee last loads!) of laundry dries. Can she do it?

Let's see.

1. gratuitous photo of some wide eyed and happy children ...

Bosco would live on the swings if we let him. We don't though - don't worry.

2. I always love when Julie blogs (and she's got a new site!!)

3. My birthday was earlier this week and Simon super surprised me with a new bike. I was really shocked and not expecting it at all. Julia and Sebastian were very proud of themselves for not, "spilling the beans" (direct quote) and now I'm in need of a helmet if you have an recommendations. I was thinking something super simple like this but what do I know? Nothing.

4. Julia was invited to our neighbor's vacation bible school this week and the boys rekindled their school year best friendship and constructed this super comfortable bed one morning ... emphasis on comfortable.

They even taped it together on the bottom for good measure.

5. I have to give a shout out to Jolie for turning me onto the best neutral nail polish I've tried. Ever. I'm still working through some top coats but the new Essie gel setter is the winner at the moment.

6. I was SO SO SO shocked when Luke got sent home this week. He looked so stunned but was so gracious at the Men Tell All. I feel like it's pretty obvious he's going to be the next Bachelor, right? Hopefully. I just don't see any of the other guys filling the role quite like Luke but again - I know nothing. As always, I loved Sharleen's insight.

7.  I bookmarked these Jcrew factory denim shorts because even though it's all about back to school everything these days I'm always in the market for a decent pair of shorts and I'm always a sucker for the 50% off clearance sales. Fine, not always - but sometimes!

Alright. My time is up. I suspect I'll be looking a little something like this in a little under two hours at the airport

... if not worse.

Happy, happy Friday.

Oh! And I'm linking up with Kelly - no surprise there!


  1. The best not-ugly bike helmets:

  2. You need a straw hat bike helmet! I don't know why this was in my fb feed this week...must have been for you, not me!

    1. Thanks for thinking of us, Sara! The Straw Hat Bike Helmet is one of our best sellers :)

  3. So I recently purchased this helmet and I love it! The price was great and I also enjoy the fact that in the back they designed it for a ponytail. No need for the low ponytail!! And you can get it at target, which makes it 100% times better :)

    1. This is so helpful, thank you!!!

    2. ^ That's genius. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  4. Sharleen is always so wise and I'm very impressed with that stool/bed, that takes some creativity and some serious mom patience!

  5. Super impressed you paint your nails! I usually have to go somewhere to get them done. Mainly because I will touch babies or laundry when at home... hehe

  6. I need to try that nail polish! And as for helmets, I've been happy with this one:

  7. I want to see the bike he got you!



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