family reunion: the food edition

20 July 2016

There are many highlights of our annual family reunion that I love but I have to admit that one of my very favorites is the FOOD. We are always spoiled with my grandma's cooking. She's always planned and frozen batches of delicious homemade food accordingly and so this year I thought it might be fun to give her a very well deserved break.

Oh, that's nice Grace! You made a meal one night? Well, sort of. Blue Apron kindly (so kindly!) sent us two family meals one night and I kindly (so kindly!) put my mom and my Aunt Rebecca to work with said meals.

Two chefs and an imposter/supervisor.

We've never gotten a Blue Apron meal we didn't enjoy but I especially loved the meals they sent this past week. We had the Green Chili Chicken Roll with Lime Jicama Fries ...

(created by a young guest chef from New Mexico! Fate!) and the Beef and Summer Corn Enchiladas ...

Enchiladas under construction.

Grandma and Mom talking meal logistics ...

... and the final Enchilada finished product!

I was a little weary of the jicama fries but they were the perfect fresh and crunchy addition to the entire meal ...

I managed to cut up some limes for the fries ...

with the help of my pink moscato.

In case you're new to Blue Apron here's the genius deal:

+ Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that delivers farm fresh ingredients to your door in a refrigerated box in the exact portions needed for the delicious chef-designed meals.

+ There are two types of plans: the 2-Person Plan and the Family Plan. The Family Plan serves four people and we had two Family Plan meals for nine adults and had leftovers.

+ Blue Apron offers a recycling program and you can return all of your packaging with the provided USPS return label. Learn more here!

+ There's no commitment with Blue Apron - you can skip or cancel anytime

+ Each menu is 500-800 calories per person and most meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less and has been a huge help to get me out of meal planning ruts. You can access all of their recipes for free here.

Even Phoebe Minnie approves.

I'm a big fan of Blue Apron for our family but also love sending it to friends and family members that might need an extra hand during a certain week (hello new babies! moves! illness! etc).

If you're interested in trying Blue Apron out for yourself - click here to get three free meals with your first order.

Many thanks to Blue Apron for making our reunion quite a bit tastier and for sponsoring this post!


  1. These picture are so great! And that is a genius idea to have meals sent for a family occasion. Takes the late nights on Pinterest away! Haha!

  2. Is grandma drinking moscato too! ;)

  3. Ok you've totally sold me on the loose pleplum top style. Getting one ASAP.

    Yes, I know this was supposed to be about Blue Apron but I'm just like "that top! That pink cardigan!" ��

    1. haha can you tell I wear it every other day! both the cardigan and the shirt ;)

  4. Apparently, I'm tired. I read: "Beef and summer...corn enchiladas." As opposed to beef and "summer corn" enchiladas. I spent way too long contemplating what beef and summer must taste like. Oh, and I really want to give Blue Apron a try...but they don't deliver to my neck of the woods (aka: the farthest, most country, out-of-the-way neck of the literal woods).

  5. LOVE Blue Apron!! Thanks for the introduction Miss Grace. We have enjoyed it for two years now. <3



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