Prime Day deals that are worth your time

12 July 2016

Is it my bad memory and/or imagination but wasn't the last Prime Day a big flop? Maybe not and I've seen a few people grumbling that this time around is no different. I don't doubt they're right but I found a few things worth the click and thought. Just a few ...

I've been eying these New Balance forEVER. And my birthday is coming up. Hmmmm ...

Probably a better use of my birthday funds would be put toward a Kindle so that I can break my terrible reading-on-my-phone-late-into-the-night habit while also protecting my eyes. Probably!

These waterproof crib sheets caught my eye because they claim to be pack-n-play friendly and have a lifetime warranty. They are pretty deeply discounted too!

I've tried these Joe's Jeans on and loved them but absolutely did not need them so I passed. The price is pretty dang good for the quality and all sizes were stocked last time I checked.

I'm kind of wondering if they made a mistake here because these Kelsi Dagger heels
heels are normally $138.99 but they are on sale for $26.99. I have them and love them - comfortable and cute.

Did you find any Prime Day loot worth a second look that you care to share? I'm all eyes.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. If you get a Kindle, the Kindle unlimited deal seems pretty great for a little over $6 a month for a year subscription.

    We ordered an instant pot.

  2. Those Kelsi Dagger sandals have to be a typo right? I mean, what a freaking steal!!

  3. I ordered some reusable squeeze pouches do I can do buying applesauce ones from Costco that last 5 seconds. Wish I would have waited to buy or carseat!

  4. Sandals went back up... Bummer! They are darling!

  5. I got some Puracy dish soap, a 3-pack. Wild, you say? I think so too. It was a decent deal, and as I have recently fallen in love with their stain remover (also on sale), I took the plunge on the dish soap. #momlife

  6. Lol so funny you wrote about prime day. I've been stalking Amazon all day and snatched up a couple good deals this morning. But then it spiraled quickly. I kept frantically searching for cute black flats on major sale, and prime day kept letting me down. I decided to bite the bullet and get a pair anyway. (30% off? Is that really a steal?) but then my phone forgot my prime password. So I went on IG instead, and saw my 20 year old SIL had a million likes on a pic we took at the same place, and my similar pic had: 2. In self pity I downloaded Snapchat (I know, logic) and then realized I had no idea what to do with it. So now I'm old, unpopular, and shoeless. My life is so rough, you know? ;)

  7. Wahhhaaaaa!!! I saw this too late (Wednesday morning). I did snag a PINK kindle fire for my daughter's 6th birthday...

  8. Good Picks! I should have hit up that deal on Joes Jeans. Every pair I have too big. I'm on that mom diet, with each kid I seem to go down a size...crazy busy I guess.
    Love the gray New Balance, I hate to admit this but I've been wearing some version of those for 20 years....

  9. I picked up the Hoover Floormate I had on my wishlist for awhile. It's a vacuum that scrubs hardwood and tile floors (basically that's what covers my entire house). No more cleaning the floors on my hands and knees!

  10. Kindle Paperwhite forever.

    I got a couple of the Dohm sound machines (our faves), at 30% off. Woot



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