the 4th on the 6th

06 July 2016

Heaven forbid I let any holiday go by without a full fledged recap thrown down on the blog. I'll keep it brief - I think!

watermelon juice, white, and blue. I planned that and if you want to tuck the genius away for next year - I don't blame you.

For whatever reason the majority of the photos we got are of Theo which is fine because the middle born needs his time to shine on occasion. On rare occasion, I suppose.

I might be misremembering but I think this is the first year we actually bought a few sparklers/fireworks to set off in the evening with the kids during our little gathering with Simon's co-workers.

I thought the kids might be a little scared but nope. Mother knows best nothing.

Theo's go-to horrified/I'm being wronged/why is my sparkler NOT LIT?! face. Framer for sure.

Phoebe found the festivities worth her while for all of two minutes before she moved onto the real star of the show: the bottled water we bought for the guests.

Be our guest, I guess.


Here we have the kids loving the old, "stick a sparkler in the driveway to wow the crowd" trick and Phoebe tending to her bottles.

1/2 on her shirt and 1/2 for the lawn ...

fair enough.

And a couple more of the human star of the driveway show ...

who cuts that kid's hair and can she deal with the ill-placed chunk at about 3:00?

Me and yes, I can.

And no holiday portrait gallery would be complete without a snap of a kid staring lovingly at his sparkler and the mom staring lovingly at him. Always a classic.

We put the kids to bed before the big fireworks show which might make us the meanest parents alive but there's always the rest of their lives. They'll be fine.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July full of food, family, and fun. And a little bit of alliteration for good measure.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. I just feel like " there's always the rest of their lives. They'll be fine" should be my parenting motto.

  2. We almost did that too, skipping fireworks that is. The late bedtime isn't worth it. But our neighbors where shooting them off. So we ended up going. Might as well keep them up instead of fighting the noise all night. But I totally don't blame you for skipping them lol

  3. loving the matching outfits for the girls. so sweet. Love checking in with the camp. so glad all is well. <3

  4. Ha! Our kids were also in bed before 9:30, and Naomi is 7.., um, one day we'll flip our fun button on, one day!

  5. Neighbors were cracking off fireworks in the street right outside my girls' bedroom windows. I freaked, but not a peep out of them. Busy weekend had them passed oooout.

  6. If I hadn't read all your birth stories I'd be tempted to think you didn't really give birth to all those babies (that and they all look alike). You're so trim and slim! I and my one pregnancy body are jealous. ;)



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