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22 July 2016

Ohhh, I know you're jonesing for more travel/reunion posts and I will not disappoint in the coming days but I'm linking up with Kelly for a real quick Friday post.

1. Fine, one reunion photo.

Safety first. Phoebe shrieked, "ride!!!" as soon as she woke up every morning which worked out well because I've always wanted to throw, "Clydesdale" on my resume. 

2. Okay! a video too.

Sebastian was very proud that he learned how to ... "dive".

3. I picked up The Hypnotist's Love Story while we were in Moline and so far - so great! I thought I'd read all of her books but I thought wrong. I'd forgotten how much I love Liane Moriarty's writing.

4. I was able to watch The Bachelorette in real time at my grandma's this past week and of COURSE they pulled a, "to be continued ... " WHY. I always listen to the AfterBuzz show/podcast and James F was on this past week and offered a lot of interesting insight if you're in the "insider info but no spoilers please" market like I always am.

5. I've been eying this (embroidered - my love language) top forever and it was finally restocked in my size and arrived today. It's not that I'm opposed to tank tops (at ALL) but I love finding lightweight summer tops with sleeves (another winner) that aren't sheer so they don't require an undershirt/cami situation. Love.

6. And while I know the (trumpets) #nsale is all the rage ... I've always got my eye on the Nordstrom rack deals and saw that these Madewell flares are on clearance ... all sizes stocked (almost spelled: stalked). Everyone keeps saying that they are so happy flares are back in style but I was unaware they EVER LEFT.

7. Welllll, the older two kids have organized a party complete with a bowl of ice, a large bowl of milk (??), and a huge bag of popcorn so I'm off to paint the living room red. And then sweep it up.

Happy Freakin' Weekind.


  1. After I finish this HUGE stack of books I thought I'd get to this summer, I'm going to have to check out Liane Moriarty! Thanks for the tip!

  2. That biking picture is everything. The two babes in the back are perfection!!

  3. The "diving" video makes my face and entire front side sting lol!

    1. hhaa I know! he did it about 10 times so I'm guessing the rash guard helped?

    2. HA! why have i never thought of that?? my kids constantly belly flop and barely flinch, of course the rash guards make a difference! thanks for the intel ;)

  4. A bowl of milk?? Congratulations, your children have entered the dreaded "goat" years. Or maybe they just really, really like milk. Hilarious either way!

  5. I just finished "The Hypnotist's Love Story" last week! I am slowly but surely working my way through everything she's written. "Truly Madly Guilty" is coming out soon!

  6. haha, love! I'll have to check out Liane Moriarty

  7. i think you've linked to that bach podcast approx 100 times. why did i wait until now to click on it? and wow wow wow, i love james! who knew!

  8. I LOVE that bike!! And the two little ones in the basket, how cute!

    Also, mad props to Bash. Soon he'll cannonball into the pool!

  9. I read "Eight Hundred Grapes" and really liked it! Might I recommend "The Madwoman Upstairs" and "I Let You Go." I've been reading like crazy all summer! (I'm a teacher.)



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