lost boys

21 April 2015

I know for a fact that I'm recycling that post title from many years ago and I know for a fact that said post involved a photo of a bowl full of butter. Nowhere to go but plateau ... I suppose.

No, the truth is that my phone is hanging by a thread thanks to a shattered screen (beyond repair ... because the layer beneath that is ruined too - so if anyone has any suggestions on where to purchase another OTHER than our not-so-beloved carrier ... I'd be mighty obliged) so instead of trusting the Cloud I'll just throw some of my very favorite quality snaps at you. A glorified version of From the Cutting Room Floor ... if you will.

When we go outside to play - the big kids usually race bikes down the driveway over and over and over again while Theo makes rock + grass + flower casseroles in his dump trucks over and over and over again. To each their exotic own.

Yet another state of the art St. Louis park that boasts ... ellipticals for the parents? I don't know what else they'd be. St. Louis Parks and Rec is trying to tell us something, apparently. The wave of the future, folks. It's here.

Simon tries in vain to enlist Phoebe's highly sought after attention for the warmest of seconds but ... nope.

Reason number trillion why I bought our very first tablecloth and have it at the ready for when we get calls about showings. Lazy or smart? You decide.

Both of the girls love to swing. Both of the boys hate it. To be filed under: super useful Patton facts.

fuzzy for a reason. Julia lording over her hoards of treasures after we went through and negotiated throwing about 1/3 of it away (alllllllllll trash). Phoebe eyes the Chapstick and the potential choking hazards like the good apprentice that she is.

we'll pretend the blur is an artistic touch. On a walk through Forest Park where the kids pretended this extra wide bridge was a roller coaster. Imaginations. We've got them in spades.

April showers bring on allergies that make you want to claw your eyes out. Or maybe that's just me.

A couple months ago. And you can never find a Costco employee when you need one but when you're taking the most shameless of selfies in front of the full-length? Bada-bing bada-boom ... there are two standing riiiiiiiight in front of you.

And that concludes today's dump-o-snaps. Thanks for your patience, as always!


  1. Tablecloth is genius....Phoebe in that swing is too much cuteness for me to handle! Oh and I dread having to go through my daughter's stash, I threatened her just the other day that we needed to go through her treasures and decide what to keep (meaning one day when she's not around I will trash a lot of it and she'll have no idea....we really don't need every scrap of paper she made one line on and brought home from school, oh vey)!!!

  2. If anything can convince me to jump on the romper train, that photo of Julia is it. And Phoebe on the swing is the cutest!

  3. Depends on your carrier, but Groupon Goods has iPhones today.

  4. But SERIOUSLY about employees popping up out of nowhere mid-selfie. Rude, just rude.

  5. You might try for a new/used phone. They buy and sell phones and other technology. My husband bought a used iPhone 5 in December and had a good experience.

  6. I love your humor. I have 400+ unread blog posts in my blog reader and I always, always read yours because I think we could be BFFs in real life. Is that creepy? That's creepy, right? ;-) My youngest has decided lately that he LOVES coloring. He asks to color multiple times a day. He's the reason we don't have a nice dining room table, banging his fork into it multiple times, scratches, and now? Crayon. People come over, and I dig out the tablecloth, for sure. Gotta love those babes!

  7. The tablecloth thing is such a genius plan! And the exercise thing in the park, apparently they have those in some Asian countries too!

  8. All of these make me giggle so much! Especially the one of P in the swing. Too cute!

  9. You should check out Republic Wireless. It's a relatively new cell phone company. They're wonderful, and cheap. I've been with them for years and I love it!

  10. The hoards of deeply fiercely loved treasure. My three year old has this bug in spades. Weekly purging of her room is emotionally wrecking!!!

  11. Parks: the original boutique fitness studio! But where is the concierge???

  12. So, maybe you have already expounded upon this topic, but what are you going to do for stroller transportation once you have 5? I LOVE your 3-seater, but I doubt you can get your jog on while wearing 2 babies, or can you? Maybe it's none of my beeswax so if so I'm sorry. But you always have such great suggestions! So I'm super curious.



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