23 April 2015

She did it. She kept herself alive for an entire year. Time to celebrate with her first lick of sugar.

L to the O to the L.

Let me see, let me see ... what can I tell you about Phoebe Anika that you don't already know? Lots, I'm sure.

Simon calls her a strong independent woman because she is thee worst about getting her diaper changed and has the core strength of Xena + the Hulk combined and can wriggle out of just about any parental attempt to keep her pinned. Even when two parents are involved.

She's the most open-minded child about food (though you'd never guess ... those sad, deflated cheeks) and will eat virtually anything but once she's had enough she will stare you straight in the eye and fling the food at your face or launch it across the room without moving a facial muscle.

She's the most narrow-minded child when it comes to car rides but ... we won't get into that.

I call her Sebastian's apprentice because she gets into as much or more trouble than he did at her age. In the span of four minutes the other night while I was putting Theo to bed she emptied all of my makeup bag along with a dresser that contains far more clothing than it should, and then made her happy little way over to the dishwasher where she climbed up on the door and went to town on alllll the dirty utensils. No shame in her games, ever.

She's a real shark at hide-and-seek ...

.. where could she be?

She's gone from the very worst Patton child sleeper to a champion sleeper and always wakes up in the happiest mood which is greatly appreciated considering what rotten demeanors her siblings find themselves in post-zzz's.

She's a litttttle bit of a bully and I've had to rescue all three kids at separate times from her crazy clutches in the middle of what went from a fun-loving wrestling match to a "pin the enemy down while pulling their hair like I just don't care" session.

She will stand for hours on end but has NO interest in walking. At all.

And she will dance to just about any beat: the microwave timer, the blender, any and all music, and my blowdryer.

We celebrated last night because we had to vacate the house for a showing and I didn't know what today would hold as far as showings would go (and we did have a surprise call SO ... .2 smart points for Grace, for once) but I understand if you don't want to be dragged through the celebrations but if you DO

.... click on, clicker ...

Things got real fancy with Costco carrot cupcakes at our usual park ...

and headgear.

 I'm really starting to get this, "elaborate first birthday" gig DOWN.

only cool parents let kids dig into cupcakes (or "cutcakes" if you're Julia and Sebastian) sans bib ...

her shirt miraculously escaped unscathed but I cannot say the same for Simon's.

God bless Oxyclean.

and Happy Happy Birthday to Phoebe! Even though you have no idea why today is significant ... we promise to do something extra special tonight ... like put you to bed three minutes later than usual.

(and her birth story ... in case anyone has 7 hours to spare)


  1. Oh goodness, she is the sweetest little pnut! Happy Birthday to Phoebe! She is precious and I LOVE all of these pictures, especially the hide and seek fav! Oh and Theo's face in the group pic at the park....classic Theo, I love him!

  2. Happy Birthday Phoebe!! And while I usually leave slightly humorous (in my mind) comments, I must say that photos of Simon looking at the kids is truly heart warming. Seeing pure love and enchantment on a person's face is one of life's greatest gifts. So glad you have the blog to capture this! Especially in year two-thousand "slamming doors and angsty moans" twenty-nine!

    1. I agree about Simon's expressions! Wonderful!

  3. I cannot believe "butterball" is already 1! You grow them up pretty dern fast! She is so sweet!

  4. She sounds SO MUCH like Sophie, and it looks as if Theo and JP are in the same stage too ;) Happy birthday Phoebe!

  5. I absolutely love party hats. They make every occasion feel 10x more festive! I thought I was in love with my son before his first birthday party when he wore a party hat, but the truth is I didn't even know how much I COULD love until I saw a 1-year-old in a party hat and birthday bib. It was amazing.

    Also, the 9th picture in the post, the 2nd picture of the bday party -- the capture of Phoebe and Simon is just SO good. So tender! It makes me want to cry! Good job!!

    Happy birthday, Phoebe. :)

  6. I just want to squeeze her! Happy 1st birthday Phoebe!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Phoebe, you dancing queen you!! And I am glad to see I am not the only low...low...low key birthday celebrator, or maybe party planner? Good things come to those who wait is how I justify it in my head. So at this rate my children's 18th birthdays will be cr-aaa-zay!!

  8. happy birthday phoebe. you are adorable.

  9. These pictures are so happy! Congrats on the year Phoebe; may the odds be ever in your favor.

  10. Haha, she's just lovely! How does a year go by so quickly?? Happy Birthday little Phoebe!

  11. Happy Birthday Phoebe!! Too cute:)

  12. So sweet! Happy Birthday Phoebe!

  13. She is so adorable! Happy birthday to her. Ugh...that scares me thinking of all the things my 6 week old could be doing in a year. He sleeps almost the whole night but takes short maybe half hour naps. I can believe all the stuff she got into! My son isn't even two months and already needs to be kept entertained and busy. I could pinch those cheeks so adorable! Congrats and I'll have to check out her birth story when I have 7 hours. Lol!

  14. Phoebe is so adorable!! Oh my goodness:) Theo seems so unimpressed by all of this birthday madness! Loved the video on Instagram! We are having another boy that will be 18 months apart from our first son Donovan and I can't wait to see the interactions:)

  15. Gosh, her cheeks are the cutest! Cupcake WITHOUT a BIB! Congrats, you just won the supermom award of the year. Happy Birthday, Phoebe!

  16. Happy birthday, little Phoebe! So cute. I've got a kiddo who dances to the beat of just about any drum she can hear as well. Dishwasher is a favorite around here- even at almost two.

  17. Happy birthday phoebe! Today is a popular day for a first birthday!!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  18. She is just beautiful and your photos of her crack me up. Happiest birthday to little Phoebe! I kind of can't believe she's one already!

  19. Happy birthday Pheobe! I think Theo is my spirit animal because I was always the crier in my family pics too. No matter the situation, there were tears.

  20. She is such a sweet, beautiful baby girl!

  21. The picture on Simon's lap looking at the camera makes her look JUST like Julia! Happy birthday Phoebe!!

  22. happy belated birthday to your little girl! she is so adorable

  23. Happy birthday, Phoebe!!! (Hint on diaper changes that has been super helpful for me - bust out some stickers and put one on each baby hand before the diaper change, and one on your forehead. This is even more marvelous than ruining those boring old diaper change plans. :) )

  24. Can't believe she's already one! You forgot to talk about her stranger-danger reaction - I know it's not funny when you're out somewhere, but your take on it is hilarious, every time!

  25. She’s so sweet, Grace! Happy birthday to Phoebe! I love following along with your family - such a source of inspiration :) Blessings to you!



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