30 April 2015

tunic - c/o Madeleine Maternity
maternity denim - Target
wedges - c/o Rackroom Shoes
shades - ASOS

on Phoebe
top - Old Navy
Sandals - Amazon

31 weeks of bumpage but I feel oddly reminiscent of my formerly full-term self. Weird.

I totally thought I could get away with wearing this tunic as a dress because suddenly I've turned into one of those stereotypical pregnant women that skips the glisten stage of overheated and goes straight for the drenched in perspiration and looking around wondering why no one else is looking like they might pass out. Funny how that happens just as winter cackles her goodbyes. Anyway, I came to my senses and didn't wear a glorified shirt as a dress after ALL. De nada. 

I don't want to admit how many hour(S) I've spent trying to figure out bleeping Snapchat but ... my mind just does not compute. I'll be the 90-year-old waxing nostalgic about Instagram while my great grands zip around in their cars that triple as phones and drones. 

I know you love it. I know she loves it. I know everyone loves it but I can't stand Uptown Funk. I'd rather listen to overgrown nails on a noisy chalkboard but you know who really loves it and knows all the words and sings it all the time? Julia and Sebastian. It's a nightmare. Except I'm awake.

Julia has been talking and talking about amulets lately and I assumed it was a made up word (likely - her new name for the baby is, "Zosa" rhymes with Rosa, I think) but then I Googled and nope - it's a thing. I blame the wilds of Kids' Netflix. 

99.9% of my photos look something like this ...

... because Simon likes to insert loads of commentary about the absurdity of blog photos and not posed poses and he's right. So right. But it doesn't stop me, now does it? Maybe next time he'll catch me mid-snort and laughy tear wipe away.

In less than four weeks we will (probably, hopefully) be officially homeless while Simon finishes his last 4 week rotation before we move. We are only in a semi-frenzied state looking for a temporary solution that won't cost us quadruple a mortgage payment and won't force all 6.8 of us to share a bed up until the baby comes and then all 7 of us to keep on sharing. Maybe it's time to walk the blog name walk and go forth an inaugural and genuine camping excursion. Snort. Or maybe we'll just co-sleep with all of our kittens. Saints have suffered. I'll keep you posted. I never don't.

And that's all she wrote.
I hope you have an above average afternoon.


  1. Does she watch Sophia the First? She has an amulet that allows her to speak to animals. That where my neice Ella learned the word lol.

  2. Does she watch Sophia the First? She has an amulet that allows her to speak to animals. That where my neice Ella learned the word lol.

  3. I was just going to mention Sophia too, HUGE at our house and it's certainly the best when both girls wear their said amulet and talk to our dog...oh the convos they have! I do not get Snapchat....I just don't so I gave up trying (even though I tried like once)! Oh and Miss Phoebe is looking all sorts of cute up there, can I please just squeeze her deliciousness?!!!

  4. The red stripes are so cute! Here's hoping the housing situation works out...or that house with one bed has a California king :)

  5. Grace, VRBO or Homeaway? We've done some great short term rentals that way, though they were international. I'm guessing there must be something along those lines in the STL though.

  6. Isn't Phoebe just all sorts of cute:) love the two tooth grin!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  7. Airbnb to fend off homelessness?

    Also, I just want to snuggle with the adorable Phoebe! And you look like an absolute rockstar who couldn't have possibly delivered 4 babies with one on the way!

  8. You don't even look pregnant in the photo with your hands in your pockets.

    And VRBO! When we were between houses for a month, we found a house that was just happy to be occupied and we got a great deal.

  9. You are so cute and look fab, and your hair is so nice and wavy! Though, how do you not like Uptown Funk? My nephews know all the words too.

    I laughed at your "Saints have suffered". Best of luck to you guys!

  10. Gorgeous, chick pregnant lady! Check!! I will pray that you find some fabulous fun arrangement for while you are homeless!

  11. Love those shoes! And I'm not even on Snapchat. I don't get it. Or Twitter. Or Pinterest. I can only do so much technology (excuse me whilst I shift my walker and cane over...!). I echo Katrina's VRBO suggestion - we've had great experiences with them. Often, if you contact the owner through VRBO and then explain your particular situation, they will cut you a deal of some sort. And furnished.....!

  12. I also really don't like Uptown Funk. 😐 Also, why don't you ask the new home owners if you can rent your house back from them for one month just for a mortgage payment. Good luck

  13. ahhh mine JUST today asked me, "what's an amulet?" and fortunately i recently caught onto the fact that it's a sophia thing so i knew... but not loving that she knows about weird magical charms now, i don't know... oh well! and you look so good!!! can't believe you're on your fourth!!

  14. We spent 3 weeks in a hotel when we moved from one state to another. The cost of staying those 3 weeks was CUH-RAZY but it was a nice stay while we searched for other housing like wild people. "free" cookie and a sprite in the evening? awesome. Housekeeping? Every mothers dream. Swimming in the afternoon, eh... the things we do for our kids.

  15. Those legs!!! (Hers, not yours, sorry. Hahah!)

  16. Ugh. I hate uptown funk real bad. Except the Harry Potter/voldemort version is pretty clever

  17. your bump is tiny.
    My younger sibs introduced me to snapchat, but I didn't like it and deleted. Instagram for lyfe.
    wish I could help with the homelessness situation! hope you find something soon!!

  18. You look amazing and Phoebe is getting too big. I was able to steer Simon away from Uptown Funk by having him listen to oldies. I think The Lion Sleeps Tonight worked. I don' tknow if it's better, but it's different. Good luck.

  19. okay i love that dress/tunic. Do i haaaave to be pregnant to wear it?

  20. Not sure if this is an option for you guys and the people who are buying from you, but when we bought last summer, the previous owners asked if they could rent back for a month and half before we moved in. It worked out fine since I was about to give birth so we wanted to stay at my parents' a bit longer, and the owners needed a little time to find their new place out of state. As long as everyone is crystal clear on the exact move-out/move-in dates, it can be a good arrangement!

  21. It has taken me FOREVER to figure out Snapchat. Pretty sure the kids in our youth group are tired of giving me tutorials. #instagramfolife



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