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22 April 2015

I've always been completely baffled by how quickly and easily Simon can fall asleep. He can lay down at virtually any point in the day and be out cold in 1.2 minutes no matter how loud a symphony of troubling sounds the kids are inevitably trumpeting from all corners of the house. While I generally have to read, toss, turn, repeat and then maybe get one or two of our progeny some water before I finallllllly drift off 29 minutes after I initially retired. And naps have always been a total impossibility no matter how exhausted I am.

Until now.

I'm sure it's just the third trimester letting her glowy presence be known but as soon as I get the kids down for naps I go ahead and play copyfeline on the couch for a siesta of my very own. And the other day we drove the kids to a playground seven minutes away and on the way I fell asleep (Simon was driving, thankfully) ... open mouth, get-that-drool-off-my-shoulder, and ALL.

So, instead of fighting it I'm enjoying my new found Rip Van Patton ability to get some extra rest because I can just hear the old, "enjoy it now! because when that baby comes you'll wish you were still the size of a beached Beluga!!" finger wags from the veterans .... right? Right.

So, that's my cop out for the day and precisely why I'm sending you off to prettier pastures than I'd ever be able to muster ... gestating or not.

Kelly made me LLOLST (literally laugh out loud several times, duh) reading her post about going "no poo" (no shampoo ... not sure why the nickname has to be just as atrocious as the concept)

While I'll always remain fiercely loyal to my medicated births ... I still loved reading Bridget's preparing for childbirth post because that woman ... she wise beyond her years. I might be her biggest fan ... just don't tell her that because I like to keep my coolia.

I was so excited to read this hysterical post from Paige. She's a word wizard. Wizarddess?

This book's been on my to-read list f-o-r-e-v-e-r and I'm finally digging in. Everything I've ever read of Chaunie's has resonated with me so an entire book will be a real treat. You can find it on Prime too if that's more your speed, like me.

Two of my college roommates have resurrected their smart and sophisticated magazine for young Catholic (or not! they don't discriminate, of course!) women with a brand new issue. You can get a fun preview and read back issues for free right here. Kicking bottom and taking names, Rose and Anna!

Of course after doing my big roundup of maternity denim ... I'm finding that I reach for this pair day after day after day. Probably because they are the darkest wash and have the most forgiving stretch of the bunch. These are still a veryveryclose second though.

I'm so positive that I'm having a girl that I catch myself browsing lady baby clothing from time to time or fine, maybe daily. This could totally be gender neutral in the event that I'm wrong, right? Thought so.

Okay, Julia is requesting that I sit still so she can draw a picture of me so off to self esteem building camp I trot.

Happy (is it really only) Wednesday (?)!


  1. Yay for getting in naps!!! My husband can fall asleep in like 5 seconds and I hate him for it, I really do! That no poo post was hilarious and I also read Bridget's post yesterday and it kinda made me want to have another kid and take all her beautiful advise...she is a wise one, that girl! Can't wait to see the portrait J is drawing of you, if it looks anything like her in that pic above it will be fantastic...girls got style!

  2. Since we have 3 girls already - I cannot even imagine baby numero 4 being a boy. I don't even have a 'feeling' about it any more I'm just assuming so maybe come October that boy will come and prove all my assumption WRONG-O. But I'm still saying girl!

    Also, I could use some napping skills come oh 1:39 am every other morning when I'm laying in bed wondering why the heck I'm not asleep! Pregnancy probs...

  3. I'm famous! Thanks so much for sharing!! Also, I'm calling boy. :)

  4. Radiant magazine! Yay!
    Also...3 weeks left isn't too short to be wanting those jeans...right?😁

    1. cracking up! they'll be my 6+ months postpartum jeans TOO :)

  5. thaaat is so me & my husband too! he's always like "just close your eyes." like, those are his instructions for falling asleep. umm no!!! as soon as i even dare shut my eyes i have 8million of the best ideas ive suddenly ever had and i am awake all night making notes in my iphone and googling very important infos. that is uuuuntil pregnancies and babies strike and then i'm like whoa narcolepsy!

  6. I am so happy to hear about Radiant. I wrote for an issue a few years ago, and I so believe in their work!

  7. Just woke up from my "nap" i.e. ignoring the screams of the younger crew while the eldest plays mom (yay, tweens who eagerly babysit for quarters). Glad my documented hair struggles brightened your day, but yes, it's not a post about constipation...let's just be clear about that.

  8. Gracias for the shout out! Also, I too read Kelley's "No poo" post and died laughing. I've also quickly scrapped that idea for 2015. My hair's a wasteland as it is.

  9. I had the same experience with no Poo!! Never got it to work for me!!

  10. Ahh, I totally get it: I'm super jealous of my husband's ability to nap endless anywhere, too! Me? Can't do it at all. I might fall asleep for a milisecond, but if even an ant walks across the floor I'M AWAKE AGAIN. blah

  11. I envy Simon his ability to nap anywhere, anytime. Oh, and we need another edition of Simon Says, when you have time (ha).

  12. I'm not a napper, at all, but my fiancé is. I sometimes say that I hope by the time I have kids, I will be so tired that naps will just happen (if the chance for a nap happens).

  13. Three cheers for the nappers in the world...I'm trying to figure out whether I should categorize my napping skills as a hobby or super power...

  14. Bahaha, I can't nap to save my life (unless I'm on my deathbed) and takes me a minimum of 59.5 minutes to fall asleep at night, while my husband will pass out in 2 seconds flat. NOT FAIR.

  15. i think that little outfit is adorable. but... is that a ruffled sleeve i see? call me a... something, i can't think of the word, but there's something that applies here - but i say ruffles are for girls... my opinion. (:

    and have i told you how much i love your posts? seriously. love them. all of them.

  16. Chaunie is an amazing author and I love her book, Tiny Blue Lines! Of course, I may be a bit prejudiced since I'm in the book :)



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