from the cutting room floor

14 July 2014

Nothing worse than cross-posting Instagram snaps into a blog post, right? Wrong.

I think running with a popular hashtag (in this case #fromthecuttingroomfloor - the idea being that you pluck an old photo out that you never posted, give it wings, and let it see the light of the net) and making it a blog post theme probably trumps the sin factor of throwing grammage into a post.

Why? Why the e-felony, Grace? I don't know. I have a whole Tolstoy worth of excuses including but not limited to being preoccupied with the following:

+ intense game of diaper roulette I'm playing with myself at the current moment (can we make it to Tuesday when our new diapers arrive and how hilarious does Phoebe look in Sebastian's diapers that come up to her clavicle?)
+ which child smeared honey (jelly? oatmeal?) into the crevices around the laptop's space bar so that it requires the might of three Goliaths to punch it down into working order in between every word I type? Type a sentence or two and notice how often you hit the space bar? MANY AND MUCH. The warpath and I have a date tomorrow ... look out, kids. I can't wait to hear your perfectly logical alibis.
+ Julia has discovered how to search for and find a Doc McStuffins (loooooong) YouTube episode on my phone that flashes, "SUBCRIBE FOR MORE" at the top. Hopefully she isn't skilled in subcribing. Time will tell!

Also, Simon is (only!!) half way through a rotation that makes me want to gouge my eyes out and blog nothing but posts full of obscenities. Hourly. I think this is a much nicer alternative, however lame it might seem to funions like yourself.

I was going to only do eight photos but I scrounged up TEN instead so, welcome to your unlucky day! It's a pretty one.

Enough! To the races ...

the truth behind this photo. If your kids wake up from their naps chipper and happy please don't tell me. Let me think my brood's collective irritable devil mood is normal. Albeit awful.

Parenthood is highly skilled at drawing out the best and most refined senses of humor. Pre-parent Grace is staring at this like, "what?" and current parent Grace is staring at this and laughing like a giddy hyena.

I don't know. He asked me to take a picture so I did even though he was wearing no pants, under or other. Croppity crop and hellllllo internet.

Visiting the popular parent.

She got it from her effervescent mama.

You've seen this same photo in 600 other places on the web. I thought you'd like to make it 601.

Sebastian went through a very short-lived phase called, "I do it myself" and it applied to dressing himself in backwards t-shirts and shorts with dirt stains in unfortunate locations.

When kids outgrow falling for the old, "pretend to pour a little in their bottle" trick ... I laugh and cry. Theo didn't buy my faux pouring sounds for a second. Stop maturing, dear boy.

I randomly found this setup by Sebastian in the living room a few weeks ago proving that If there was a fire and he only had time to grab his beloved truck or a helpless sibling ... no contest. Hasta la vista, human.

Julia (sitting on a manhole cover because it's "cleaner than grass") was blowing dandelion seeds galore when Theo plopped down and decided to follow suit with exact and precise copycatting skills.


Ciao for now.
And maybe next time I'll dumb things down and throw down some emojis for good measure.

Enjoy your night/morning/afternoon.


  1. Theo is going through the cutest stage at the moment. He's such a grinner! These photos from the cutting room floor are hilarious. It makes me feel better about our recent trip to the UK (a 24hr flight from Australia to see my husband's parents ) only to come home and and review every photo with at least one of my children, scowling, crying or snotty.

    1. 24 hour flight?! If they were smiling I think they'd be child robots :)

  2. You survived the weekend and you had to still have your eyes to post, so no gouging them out. Yay for you!! Now to get through today and make it to the diaper delivery. I will pray the "loaves and fishes" prayer for your diapers so you don't run out. LOL!
    You can post and re-post and it never gets old for me. Love your tough spirit and your view on life. Grace for the win!! Happy Monday!!

  3. I never liked sitting on grass either, so I get Julia. I feel like her and Mads would get along...or hate each other. Either one.

  4. Kids are so funny - you can't make this *bleep* up!

  5. I try not to make eye contact with Camryn for at least an hour after she wakes up from her nap....if she takes a nap.

  6. You know we never tire of seeing pics of your adorable kids!!

  7. My children have never, ever ever woke up on the right side of the post nap bed.

    And for sure, both Easton and Hudson would save their beloved toys before each other. The number of meltdowns over the wrong truck or stuffed animal being brought on our five minute jaunt to town is sky high, call me a softy pushover but car ride silence is my fav.

  8. Ahaha, I love your kids. Julia cracks me up. As the oldest of a large family (6), this sounds pretty familiar...I happen to know we were all a terror when we were younger. Especially when we ran around and gave each other mud baths, etc. And I think after the 5th kid, my poor mom gave up on the idea of naptime. So grumpy naptime-awakeners are better than grumpy, tired, non-nappers, right?

  9. You do know there's great meme potential in that bubbly/bottle pic, don't you? ;)

  10. This is a fantastic post. I especially love Phoebe riding on Theo's shoulders. I'm guessing he was loving it. And my children only wake up from naps in a cheerful mood if it is before 3pm. If they wake up any later it's scowl city until dinner. I actually set an alarm clock and wake them up by 3:30

    1. avoid the awful moods. Signed, Sarah W who's iPhone will only allow her to comment anonymously

  11. I should figure out the magical timing! So smart

    1. It also makes bedtime go much smoother and earlier!

  12. I was pumping at work the first time I read this post, and my laughter made...things..shake and I dropped my phone. So of course I had to read it again once I got home.

    Sebation's decorated yellow shorts might be my very favorite ever.

  13. OK, so your family is simply the coolest. Hands down. And backwards shirt wearing was all the rage in my son's kindergarten class this year, so you guys are ahead of the game.

  14. SO glad you explained #fromthecuttingroomfloor. I've been seeing people post those all over the place and had no idea what it meant. P.S. Post 10 more please. You crack me right up.

  15. You could post like this all the time and I would read every single one. You are so hilarious!



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