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26 December 2013

Every blogger has typed the old, "I wasn't going to do a post about xyz but then ... " and I'm just as guilty because I really wasn't going to do Christmas recap post but then I realized I had so many grainy quality cellular snaps from Simon's time off that I just couldn't not share some with my peoples. And it was either this or a heartfelt post about haircare products (tomorrow! I promise).

Hold on to your blinkers ...

technically right after Simon got off work Saturday morning. the weather was weirdly glorious so we grabbed our giddy children and set out to see the world ... three blocks to and from our house.

My grandma is thee gift giver extraordinaire. And I almost gave in and let her wear the getup this morning to buy diapers for the boys but ultimately mean mom got her way.

I really can't believe he'll be 1 next week but then I see photos like this and I start looking around for kindergarten waiting lists because he almost looks literate.

There are twelve different types of cars/trucks/tractors in Sebastian's crib right now and I know I should insist on a blank sleeping canvas but the extra hour of playtime tacked onto the beginning of his nap is just too good.

Theo be like, "wtf?! when do I get the obligatory but accidental homebrewed toddler bowl cut?!"

The day was great, the day was good, and we discovered that the kids will abide by a lengthy 10 minute timeout (as opposed to the spineless age appropriate 2 & 3 minute timeouts) if the punishment so fits the extra loud fighting crime. The kids were thrilled with their gifts and Simon and I discovered on Christmas eve that our hiding places for each other's gifts was one in the same: the minivan trunk SO ... surprises foiled? Maybe. But still .... there's no "present" in "Christmas" so ... moot point. I say. 

Simon read Jim Gaffigan's genius all day and then handed it off to me last night at which point I stayed up past midnight (and I turn pumpkiny around 9:30 so ... that Jim ... he funny and right on the lettuce) reading and reading and reading.

And now it's back to the old grind with Simon at work (or as Sebastian says over the course of 4 head nodds, "dah-dee wooking?" .... yes.) and me and the kids still at home and wondering how the mornings simultaneously drag and fly through so many messes and compromises and first + second + third breakfasts and resolves to fold laundry today and then resolves to fold laundry tomorrow and ...... you know. The gamut. 

But we have a great little staycation to look back on and a great appreciation for the holidays that Simon does have off because it hasn't always been that way and it won't always be this way. We are soooo in for it next year - and no one tell Julia the truth when Christmas is weirdly rescheduled under our roof for December 27th or something because I have a death glare and I'm not afraid to use it. On you. 

Anyway, crystal clear smiles and cheer for all.

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  1. Beautiful family pic - glad you did the recap :)

  2. Julia looks absolutely adorable with her outfit! And your 3 boys wearing the same shirt, so cute!!!! Merry Christmas Grace!

  3. So glad Simon got to be home this year!

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  5. Oh Grace- Let her be a princess whenever she wants! Everyone should feel that special all the time. Merry Christmas!

    1. haha. you are right! next time she's in character AND it isn't freezing out ... I'll let her :)

  6. These pictures are great! Having the husband home for a holiday or two is the best! I know we were counting our lucky stars this year, even though half of our gifts didn't make it, and santa decided to bring us a hefty dose of flu…its all good in the alaska hood!

    -Best family in plaid award goes to the Pattons!

  7. Dr Patton looks really nice in normal clothes! Incidentally... my son's girlfriend spent Christmas with us this year. Her last name is Patton. I don't think she quite understood how important it was to find out if her Pattons were somehow connected with the Camp. I even told her all about the blog - that it's the BEST blog with the CUTEST kids and she might be related. Doubtfully. Anyways... her Pattons are from Eastern Pennsylvania. She was impressed that we live on Patton Lake. Kids these days. Merry Christmas!

  8. So glad you got to have Simon home for Christmas! And I totally let my kids hoard tons of crap in their beds. It keeps them in there longer :)

  9. I just finished Dad is Fat today! Such a great book that made this mom of five actually feel normal and it's everyone else that is weird!!!! Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  10. My little loves to take about 10 stuffed animals and several cars to bed. Makes naptime good for all!

  11. My FIL is an OB/GYN with 40 odd years under his belt; this was the first time EVER (to his recollection) he wasn't on call for either Christmas Eve or Christmas. Of course he gets New Year Eve and New Year Day but....I suggest the Simon look for a practice of more than 2 doctors.

  12. I haven't been here in a while and Wow, Theo has a lot of hair!!

  13. So so happy you got to have a family Christmas! Love the boys' Christmas get up!

  14. The picture of Simon and the boys in plaid and blazers and Bashs is too much, I might be dead from the amount of handsome in the picture! Tooo much, Grace, it can't be handled!

  15. Amen to the "because it hasn't always been that way and it won't always be this way." Husband took 12 days off (!!! God bless Navy leave time, when it does happen) and for the first few days, we kept looking at each other and saying "You don't have to go to work tomorrow!!" Then we did happy dances around the kitchen. I have no idea if he'll be deployed in a year, so we're living the life and motto of ::you take what you can get:: And your family is oh so cute.

  16. So adorable!

    I think you should check out my post about my Dad on Christmas day.

  17. Saw a picture of your family in OSV! I was so excited to say that I follow your blog. Thanks for your posts, really enjoy reading about your gorgeous, hilarious family. Merry Christmas!



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